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Hey Mayhemites, Mayhemians and Mayhooligans, how's it going? My name is Justin Bonaparte (no relation to the French Emperor ), and I'm a serious amateur photographer looking to make some fun, creative and beautiful photographs with fun, creative and beautiful people.

I'm a software engineer with a wife and two adorable, sweet, well-behaved kids (psst - they tied me up and made me say that, HELP ME, PLEASE!!!). I'm pretty much obsessed with this photography thing. When I'm not spending time with family or working, I am browsing any number of photography sites, checking out lighting techniques, and, if I'm lucky, pointing my camera at people.

I enjoy all kinds of portraiture, and I'm looking to collaborate with models, make-up artists, stylists, assistants and fellow photographers. Right now, my style is mainly commercial/editorial fashion, and I hope to move more into glamour and beauty. I'm primarily an available light shooter, but I like to use flash to create some dramatic lighting as well. I'm an environmental artist: I like to use the surroundings as part of the canvas. A lot of my shots are in either urban or natural settings.

You can see my complete model photography catalog...
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If you'd like to shoot with me, feel free to contact me at jfinite[at]gmail.com or on MM. I check email several times a day (one of the blessings/curses of being in IT), so I'll get back to you swiftly. My availability for shoots is usually restricted to Sundays, but a holiday or vacation could change that.

Just like everyone else, I'm fairly busy working and taking care of home and family. Photography is a hobby for me, but I'm very serious about it, and I treat the people I work with with the utmost respect. Please do me the favor of returning that respect. As I have precious little free time, if we've gone through the trouble of setting up a shoot, please respect the commitment. Of course, I understand that things happen and plans change, so give me a call/email as soon as possible if something comes up. I will contact you the day before the shoot to make sure we are still on. Communication is key! I give my cell number to people I will be working with, so if there's anything that needs to be sorted out, just call. I promise I won't hang up on you . I prefer NOT to receive text messages, they cost me money, and 'hi r u here?' really doesn't cut it for me in terms of communication (as you've probably guessed if you've read this far). Besides, we're going to be spending the next couple of hours together, so you might as well get used to my voice.

Oh, if you live 2000 miles away, we've never worked together, we're not at least talking about working together, and you don't plan on being within 50 miles of Charlotte any time soon, your friend request will probably get deleted. Nothing personal, just trying to keep things neat and tidy.

Thanks, and good shooting, break a leg, and all that jazz!

Latest shoot: Heather Harris - Winter Reprieve - January 18, 2010

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