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I am not a photographer, I'm a filmmaker. I am looking for models to help with independent shorts and features I am working on. Mostly comedy. I am always on the look out for people (male and female) with great looks about them, but most of all, someone with character. You can see my short film with a cameo by Ellen Pompeo of "Grey's Anatomy" as well as my first feature film LEON TWELVE at:


I always say LA is short lazy because I see so many people out here who are trying to be famous but really aren't doing it because they love the work and frankly don't seem to want to work at all but rather have it handed to them. I see so many people who have attitude because they look good, but forget they are living in a city filled with the hottest people on Earth, and no matter what you look like there are 10 people out there who look just like you, and in ten years there will be ten more people who look just like you but ten years younger.

I am starting a new project in the beginning of the year and i am writing characters around the people I know. Many of my friends are working actors and models, and we all know how hard it is to break in and make a mark in the industry so i am starting a series of projects with them to help us all get over the wall. None of us are getting paid up front. We are doing it because we simply want to work, and by doing it on a independent level we all will have control of the end product. What I am looking for here is for anyone who isn't too high on themselves and has the desire to just be creative and do something different, whether it be a 30 second short, or a feature length film shot with a handful of people in an apartment. If you are interested in being apart of it let me know. If you have ideas of your own for a project you and/or your friends want to do, I am always up for hearing it. I just am tired of waiting for people to give me my break so I decided to be a person who makes things happen rather than someone who lets things happen. Which one do you want to be?


"LEON TWELVE"- writer, director, producer, actor
"Do You Have The Time?"-writer, director, producer, actor

In Production:
"Channel Surfing"- writer, director, producer, actor

"My Life In Theory"- writer, director, producer, actor