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About Me

I am a professional fine art photographer with more than 25 years of experience creating images and selling my prints at art shows, in galleries and more recently, on the web.


I exhibit my work at more than 20 shows per year, please come by and introduce yourself when I'm at an event near you.


About My Work:

My photographs of women in nature are an attempt to articulate the essential 'goddess' energies in nature. My studio work is an effort to take that understanding further, expressing the beauty and power of women using pure form and flow of light.

My studio is in Toledo, OH at the Collingwood Arts Center. This 100+ year old former convent is a great place to work, with gothic architecture, beautiful ironwork, and 14 foot ceilings. If you live in SE Michigan or the NW Ohio area, call me (734-497-8882) and we can discuss some shooting ideas.

I like to work with alternative approaches like shooting in the infrared spectrum because it allows me to see beyond the visible, creating a more dream like space that allows energy and flow take precedence over place and subject. Photographing wildlife taught me that what we see on the surface is but a small part of the way all things fit together. My work is based on a spiritual/intuitive perception rather than a pattern match of what others have done.

I shoot 100% digitally. I find that the instant feedback of digital images allows the model to more completely participate in the creation of the work. I'm sensitive to the needs of the model, and will work to create images we will both be happy with.



I wrote the introduction to the new Erotic Signature book "World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" Volume 2, and included images of models Mandy K (MM#156097), Kajira (MM#26062), Jessica Grassa (MM#51534), and byby26 (MM#555757). You can see a preview of the book at: (my intro is on page 6 and 7)

I run the "Museum Store" at the annual Detroit International Erotic Art Exhibition (AKA The Detroit Dirty Show). In 2008 we sold 451 pieces for 43 artists, almost doubling our 2007 sales. If you create outstanding erotic art, contact me about selling your work at our next show.

I also write for Shutterbug Magazine and wrote the book "50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques" with Larry Berman and Greg Georges.