About Me

I am what I like to call an entertainment photographer. I choose a theme, an idea, and shoot a series of pictures, that will bring smiles, or cringes to peoples faces. I shoot unconventional, because I like to have fun and allow the model do her thing. I'm not bossy, pushy, or intense.

I do not spend three hours setting up shots, dealing with a ton of makeup in order to get 3 - 4 specific images. I DO NOT PHOTOSHOP girls images. I will photoshop out little things in the background, but don't expect me to make you look better than you do. To me that's a whole different spectrum of art and not photography.

If you like my port hit me up. I mostly shoot EVERY Sunday. So hit me up a week or two before. And yes I do pay models. Hit me up for the pay rates.





06 Dec 10 09:23
Really awesome work
08 Feb 10 15:37
Awesome work. More than awesome. Google has informed me that there's only 310 miles separating us...
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