About Me

Hello, I'm Matthew Cline. And, this is my project...


It all started with a small camera I carried around with my SpyTech kit as a kid.
(Still love taking candids!)

As I grew older, certain friends and family inspired me with the stunning photographs they captured and I began taking headshots, portraits, concerts photos, and more for other friends who needed the photos.

I didn't accept it all as a career right away. I studied music, did some web design, and even worked with teenagers at a church.

But, in the end, photography won over and now it's how I put food on my plate.

What's better than doing what you love for a living?


With every photo, I strive to express a level depth and imagination of a true artist.

I am very professional and expect nothing less from the people I work with. Show up, be on time, and bring your best attitude.

Phone: 310.876.2141 | Email: photos@recondity.com

My current focus is on couples and families. Contact me if you want to collaborate and make awesome art.


*NEW POLICY*: I will always call to confirm the day before the shoot. If I can't get a hold of you and don't hear back from you at least 12 hours before the shoot, I will consider the shoot canceled and we will need to reschedule.


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