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Current: I really would love to be doing shoots and networking with people on here, however, there is a lot going on with me right now, I am in school and work, and my dad is starting chemo so I am taking a break from doing anything. If you want to do a shoot with me, you will have to please be patient because my time is scattered due to my schedule. Hopefully in the summer I will be back to working with people from here.

* About Me*
I’m Amber; I'm nineteen, I have my associate of arts and am continuing school to get my bachelors. I’m fun and energetic and always up for something new and different. I love photography so much, this isn’t just a hobby I want it to be my life and career. I’ve been doing it for about four years and I’m still learning. For the most part I do digital, but have been doing film for school and enjoy both. I love photographing people, they are incredibly interesting and there is just something about the way you can capture them. I currently have been photographing friends but recently have been trying to branch out to models from this site.

* The Ness*
I love taking ideas/themes and making them into a photograph. I will always try something new and am open to suggestions. If you have something in mind, don’t be afraid to ask. I do shoots mostly on location, I really love the outdoors scenery. I may have access to a studio during this year – but not guaranteed. I know some models have escorts and that’s fine. If I’m traveling also I will have someone with me.


I am in college full time and I work part-time; however, I will make time and my schedule is pretty flexible for the most part. Usually I’m available the weekends and during the week unless I’m working. My classes are starting up soon, so I'm going to be slowing down so I can begin to focus on my classes. Sorry for any inconveniences.

& I’d like to set up shoots a week or two in advance so both parties can make it available for their schedule



http://web.mac.com/thecompasspoint/ -website [working]
http://thecompasspoint.deviantart.com/ -deviant

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