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....Pink champagne on ice....we haven't have that spirit here
since ( last time we have had that twice)....

This is the best inspirational music for my shoots (youtube or google this great artist)

"You're a new favourite of mine.
I enjoyed looking through your port, even more so after reading your "about me" section.
Your thought processes are very intriguing and its wonderful to see them translated so well in your art.
Thanks for sharing."
( Jon Devo for my port MM#765093 )


Inspiring notes, calls, txt messages and smoothing breeze do show care. It makes me create better.


(Yeah, yeah, that's me, but it's all about the bacon... Really. )
I have created images for a long time. Worked with celebrities and VIPs. Have degrees in Fine Art and Photography. Specializing in top magazine level Glamour and Fine Art.
I do creative photography; I literally do the planning, designing, shooting, and finalizing of the picture in order to suit the image of the person. I develop outstanding modeling portfolios, create images for ads, prints, books, posters etc. for any form of publication.

Not too expensive but worthy ( you get what you paid for), and I am willing to make a deal. I also try to help new ones in this field.

"Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me introduce the super professional, ..... the always reliable .... the worth every penny model......
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere is : Alane Deviare !!! "

Fine art sample: The Purgatory "The Aftermath of Life and Love in Real Time Zone" ( from the AngelPlay Series, Model: Julie Christine MM#516482 )

Glamour sample with ThatModelJackie (MM# 159789)

Headshot closeup of the fabulous Lizzii of Melbourne.

Sample from the AngelPlaySeries AngelPlay#3 The Peace Offer
( Model: Julie Christine MM# 516482 )

Fashion ad samples (Model: Kristin Paxton (MM# 596123 )


Glamour sample ( Model: Anna MM#805849 )


I keep fine art and glamour as my speciality, but I am open to other fields as well.
I am related to another site called EuroEro ( 765093 ) where all the more edgy, more european, more openminded images can be found.

Canadian Memories:

November 7th 2008 Loose Canon Gallery HDL Party
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Closing event of the photography exhibition titled
In the company of some fantastic HamiltonDreamLaunch models..
Stephanie, Maria, Julie Christine, Anne, Lizzii, Jennifer a.k.a Snugz



Check this link out for an awsome photography book titled:
The Model and The Woman


My partner, co-founder of H.D.L. events:


I've had a Gallery Show with upcoming Canadian star, model and socialite Julie Christine's Foundation for the HamiltonDreamLaunch held in the outskirts of Toronto in November 2008 to bring some new gems to the colorful cultural events of the area. A series of glamour sessions were offered for interested Canadian models while the show was on. The event also intended to bring attention to the hidden beauty of 'next door' women and to encourage all the people to achive their dreams.
The first HDL was an absolute success, gathered many artlovers (!!!) and reached out to a wide range of people, professionals and amateurs as well. We all made many many new friends and we did build a loving, caring circle for each other.
The HDL was covered by the media and that fact put the event and it's participants into higher professional level.
Thank you to all the models and all the people for their helping hands.

See ya all in 2009 !!!

Centerfold picture (Model: Julie Christine )

Julie Christine is my absolute partner in every aspects. She is my equal partner in professional, public and private venues. She is also the main agent of all my canadian operations.
We are the Co-Founders and Chief Executive Producers of HamiltonDreamLaunch. While my responsibility is about the artistic approach within the Foundation, Julie Christine is the administrative boss, she is is the Chief Organizer of HDL.
Julie Christine has tremendous amount of responsibilities and she has so much work to do that I can proudly say : she is probably the eleventh province of Canada )) , which is a fairly unknown fact to many.

In December 2008, Julie Christine and I started to lay down the blueprints for the
Second HamiltonDreamLaunch, or as we call it HDL2 , which will be held in the Spring of 2009

Within a fairly short time Julie has achieved many success, and the road is just opening up for her with every day. Having an eloquent style, she is perfect inspiration for art...
See some of her photographs on my port or
visit Julie Christine's port MM#516482 to see images.

This was the official poster that represented HamiltonDreamLaunch #1

Loose Canon Gallery
Julie Christine by Peter Manik
Photography Exhibition at the Loose Canon Gallery
150 James Street North, Hamilton, Ontario
November 2 - 7, 2008


The HDL is a series of photographer-model shootout meeting with the collaboration of gallery owners.
The 2nd HamiltonDreamLaunch will be held in the Spring of 2009.

Media connection and PR person of the HDL is web designer Jennifer (MM # 537118 )



My first co-author partner ALANE


The absolutely awsome ALANE DEVIARE, ( ModelMayhem# 596635) is my co-author of the GlamourHorror Series which we have shot for a fine art publication. Through the long months we worked hard on these registered and copyrighted images to create a new approach for glamour. Samples from the book are shown on the ports of both of us.
The GlamourHorror Series will be presented to the public in 2009.
Alane is an absolutely kind person and an excellent actress.

My newest co-author partner is Melbourne native, australian model Lizzii ( MM# 749972) .
We are working on some special projects that will be presented to the public later this year.

She is an absolutely intense creative individual with a very deep personality and with a totally admirable free spirited mindset.

Sample images from Australian model Lizzii's glamour photoshoot in New York .


Fine art with Lizzii:


From the long line up of models I highly recommend the most amazing person from the south, Florida based Betty Jo (MM# 544974). Her style and attitude will bring only success to each photograph taken in a session. She has an extraordinary personality and a non stop working style.


I always look for new faces and for new characters. I am constantly expanding my portfolio and always working on some projects.

...and NO, I do not sell, show or publish any of the images I created without the permission of the participants.

I don't like people who are ignorant and flake.
I don't like the "mass of people" because I did find that whenever many people gathered, they could have been easily misguided by one of their loud ones ( Nero, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Yoko...... okay, okay...I was joking about Yoko....)
I respect the individual in every living creature.

Within my ability I always try to help my models to achieve their goals and help them to climb to the top.

HOWEVER: If I don't know you and you haven't taken the time to contact me in some way don't send FRIEND REQUEST,
I will DELETE the request anyway...

....And please don't tag saying only "Thank you"...or " Thank you for your comment, you are also beautiful.." ...send a postcard instead. If you want to boost my ego with meaningful thoughts, like "You are the best" or " Your work is phenomenal" or " I soo much in love with you and in love with your work that I want to marry you"..that all welcome because these are tag worthy thoughts... lol......or just send a check or money order to your favorite charity, me.



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Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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