About Me

A Chicano from El Paso,Texas, U.S.A. living in Japan for the past 19 years. I'm usually a fetish photographer and I mainly shoot Japanese women for my fetish work for my exhibits. Other types of work, fashion, portraits, events, etc. I will only accept paid gigs unless you have contacted me in the past and I have agreed to shoot you. Live and work in Osaka, Japan. Shoot video as well but main thing now is photography.


The photos I took at the 2007 Montreal Fetish Weekend are now up on their website, please have a look, some images NSFW, +18, at most some are topless shots;

Photographer for friend's corset site/fetish lounge:

S & M Sniper, January 2008, Issue #1
Dali(fetish club in Okayama, Japan) 1 year anniv. party-text & photos

S & M Sniper, December 2007, Issue #12
Montreal Fetish Weekend-photo report

S & M Sniper, September 2007 Issue #9
Shibari photos of Esinem and Kogure
Tokyo, Japan

S & M Sniper, June 2007 Issue #6
Osaka S & M Event-Medusa photo report
Tokyo, Japan

S & M Sniper, April 2007 Issue #4
Shibari photos of Steve Osada & Ageha Agasi
Tokyo, Japan

S & M Sniper, March 2007 Issue #3
Paris S & M Event-Nuit Demonia photo report
Tokyo, Japan

Tattoo Burst, November 2006, Vol. 34
Front cover photo
Tokyo, Japan