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Steven Wright, Comedian wrote:
"Why are the pictures square if the lens is round?"

"Last night I went to a restaurant called Bulimia's... the line for the bathroom was incredible."  
I am a Commercial Photographer with over 15 years experience specializing in corporate, editorial, advertising and industrial location photography for business applications (magazines, brochures, annual reports, web sites, etc...).

Every year I photograph plenty of people (mostly business people) that hate having their picture taken (until they are photographed by me :-) of course).

I really enjoy shooting fashion / model photography because it's different than what I normally do. It's fun photographing people that want to have their picture taken (i.e. models) that are into the experience -- I find they are more invested in the outcome and thus put more energy into the final image.

I try to incorporate the style with which I shoot the business people in their environment, into my fashion photography and so far it's working pretty well.

Limited and selective TFP available if the photos will benefit the respective portfolios.

Here's a few pics of me in case you wondered...
I've been a runner since Feb. 27, 1985:
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Clients include: BusinessWeek Magazine, Forbes, Inc., Westcor / Macerich
Long list of clients here: http://www.cooganphoto.com/client-page.html

Websites / Info about me:
American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) - Dan Coogan #21649
Arizona Chapter: ASMP - Dan Coogan's AZ ASMP page
www.Blackinc.com - Dan Coogan's photo / artist representation
[Linked In
Facebook - Dan Coogan

I've had the pleasure of working with the following:

Julia Frys ***
Briana Shaker **
Christina Sparenga
Sarah Baltzell
Katrina DeLaFonte
Madison A
David Gage
Lani Conklin
Anna Ber **
Cheyenne Martin
Ashy Pie **
GGenevieve **
Petite Princess ***
Rachel D
Kevin Craig
Lexi - Nicole
Daizy Malize
Malia Autumn
Christina Roelant
Karla Marquez
Daisy Ann Dover
Phuong Nguyen **
Rasheeda Rain
Eve Strange - TheThreeFacesofEve
Jazmin Riley
Alysha Holden
Danielle Arce
Alexis Carlee
Noelle LM
Kelsea Talise
April LaRae Knapp
Danielle Nicole
Erika Delgado
Katrina Thorne
Madeline Wilcox
Lynn Sharpy
Zoe Ebadi
Daniela Lazar
Jade Hannah
Brit Gardner
Tom King
Allycea Brooks
Christie Melazah
Bobby Salcido - Succeed
Hemina Kapadia
Lillian Hancock
Mfon Akpaete
Alexandra (Nic) Smith
Gabrielle Danielle
Justin Current
Tayler Ball
Ryan Robert Lynch
Lonnie Weisgerber
KB Gerard
Briana Robertson
Jessica M Kelley
Jamie Victoria
Natalie Kowacich
Paige AK
Marissa Johnson

Qundercover.com: 10 models **
Sabrina Sirianni **
Silvia Ramos **
Ali Monteros **
Ana Drum **
Lindsay Farrington **
Britta Gabany **
Natalie Pace **
Sami **
Misty Gonzales **
Brian Smith

Models (not on MM):
Michelle Biegacki
Jonathan Aube
Amber Lawrence
Rebekah Lopez
Thanya Ramos
Berenice Gomez
Danielle Carpenter
Chase Watts (with Ford Robert Black)

Wardrobe Stylists:
Erin Markis
Fashion Love and Grace
Shannon Campbell
Sabrina Sweet

Make-up Artists / Hair Stylists:
Heather Wilson ****
War Paint **
Kathryn Lawrence
Lorri Mitchell **
Margarita GoDiva
Lauren Marler
Lisa Cooley - Angel Kissed Makeup **
Ashlie Lynn **
Aeni Domme ***************
Nicole Sessler - charCOLE makeup
Amy Freudenberg - amyhair
Sabrina Sweet

** Denotes multiple experiences.  
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Zoe Zoe Zoe

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Madeline 1302722 Katrina 1007586 Katrina 1007586

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Katrina 1007586 Katrina 1007586

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Luccia 594951 Luccia 594951 Jin Cha 709908

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Jin Cha 709908 Cheyenne Martin 535094

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Jin Cha 709908 Cheyenne Martin 535094

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Jin Cha 709908 Jin Cha 709908

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Ali Monteros Lindsay Farrington

Silvia Ramos 624047

0 0 0
Katrina 543620 Jin Cha 709908 Anna Ber 363602

Katrina DeLaFonte 543620