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About Me

UPDATE: I am looking to broaden the types of photography I do. While I still have a preference for fantasy/unusual looks, I am interested in pursuing other types of shoots as well. I would particularly like to get more experience with "vintage" pin-up looks.
I enjoy capturing images that suggest a sense of otherworldliness, fantasy, a hint of the unknown, the unusual, the exotic, the erotic or just an image that begs me to capture it. I love working with costumes, body art, unusual or magical settings both found and created, the juxtaposition of something unexpected in an otherwise normal setting. And sometimes I just take pictures of people and things I think are cool.

Some of the photos on here are just straight scans of negatives (or sometimes pictures) from my film days. The more recent shots are digital. I don't do a lot of post-production manipulation; when i do, I do mostly adjusting brightness/contrast and color saturation.

About communicating on MM: I use messaging on MM unless someone specifically requests another way to communicate.