About Me

Photography is both an art and a hobby to me.

I have always been fascinated by the artistic beauty of the human form and try to reflect that in my work. I am mainly interested in artistic and fine art nudes, however, I also shoot a wide array of other styles from casual to pinup.

Come on, give it a shot, have some fun and let's make some really cool images.

I can be reached by e-mail at jbl2112@hotmail.com or Phone 203-922-9258



MM models I have worked with:
* Denotes multiple shoots

*MJ #822215- Awesome person to work with. Smart, funny and beautiful. Totally committed. Maybe she should be.

Wednesday Harrington #269916- Outstanding. Can't say enough good things about her.

*Lindsey #427196- Beautiful girl. Work with her she will be worth it.

Kathy Rice #239057- Consumate beautiful professional. She is awesome to work with.

*Kristiana #82769- What can I say. Probably the most beautiful courageous girl I have ever met. Who else will stand on a frozen river nude for hours?

*Autumn #356225- So beautiful she makes my brain hurt. That beauty is inside and out.

Fall #858392- Hey, Wait a minute...

*Candice#1021324- Wow, beautiful, entrancing, energetic, insert your own superlative here, it will fit.

*Jaye Lynn #697867- Awesome, just awesome. Did I say awesome?

Elly Glam #871167- Small package packs a whallop. Way, way bigger on the inside and it comes through.

*Ivy88 #484449- Gorgeous,professional,fantastic to work with. I can't wait to shoot with her again.

*Tabitha Angie #750933- Fantastic find. Awesomeness is the only word that describes this girl. Fearless and fun. I highly recommend her.


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Hi there, Notify me if you are traveling to Bali. Cheers,TITA
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