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I'm a recalcitrant guy. A defiant, stubborn and rebellious individual, but one that loves making photographs. Photography provides a wonderful form of communication, and through my website Little Red Jacket I have established some splendid friends, and rekindled the zest, creativity and imagination that forms the fundementals of my work.

Today, creating good imagery through digital photography is the very best medium for me. Gone are the days of expensive films, chemicals, and a great deal of hope. Ultimate success in capturing exactly what was intended as the shutter closes is, I admit rare, but many photographs result in satisfaction and receive wonderful comments from site visitors. This in turn brings great relief to me, and a modicum of achievement. I never cease to learn something new each day.

An irreverent eye and a penchant for using available light some say my photographs are absorbing and generous, others say I deceit spectators with a delicate and refined play of the imagination.

- I prefer email contact: mbgimmeahugltd@yahoo.co.uk

- Over 490 images at: http://martiuk.deviantart.com

- Personal WEBSITE - http://www.martinbillings.com

- If you're a model and want to work/collaborate, email me.

- Or phone me, I don't bite on: +44 (0) 7910 054 082.


Oh yeah the work bit... Best to Google me


04 Jan 11 17:06
thanks for the add, great work!
13 Dec 10 08:24
Thank you for your love..amazing work!!! Big kissssss V
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