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Welcome to Night Beat, formerly Conpix. The new name more closely reflects what I've been doing lately, and Conpix will remain for my coverage of Anime, Comic Book, and Sci-Fi Conventions.

Storyboard Project Slide Shows (Flash player required):

"Superman's Transformation" featuring Christopher Erickson and "The Last Phone Booth"
"Cooking Mama" featuring Devi 1313 as the popular video game character
"Weary Traveler" featuring Cali Girl Meg who worked really hard to look so frazzled for this!
"Stranded Bride" featuring Mandi L. and Treja in their adventures on the way to the church

These are my first attempts at this kind of thing so comments by PM would be appreciated!


I'm relatively new to fashion, glamour, and artistic photography, having mainly covered Anime conventions and shot in nightclubs for social networking web sites. This may never be my day job, but I enjoy the opportunity for a little artistic expression. I've been building up a group of models and MUAs that I can collaborate with on concept shoots through contacts made on IStudio.

Spot Me on Location (Photo by Wolfdust)

My rates are based upon the duration and complexity of each project, so contact me with your ideas and I'll get back to you with a quote. A basic three hour "Portfolio Builder" shoot is generally around $185, and you receive all the photos, full size and unmarked, immediately after the shoot. If you need retouching or hair and makeup, I work with a couple of talented artists on a regular basis that can round out the package: The Kill3r Touch and BP Makeup

Fun & Professional Development
I'm still open to doing TFCD shoots with models, designers, stylists, and MUAs in the area, so feel free to contact me!

I use a standard Adult Model Release form for all shoots, check ID, and photograph it before our first shoot. I welcome collaborations with minors, however I require that a parent or legal guardian escort the model to the shoot, sign a standard Minor Model Release form, and remain close by while we work. The release forms can be modified if necessary to accommodate special circumstances. Due to several recent unfortunate incidents, I prefer to shoot adults without escorts. I'm happy to meet someone's concerned friend or family member before the shoot as we complete the paperwork, however.

Post Production
NOTE: I do not retouch the shots that I take! Almost everything that you see in my portfolio is just how it came from the camera. Altered images can be spotted by the credit to the digital artist. At this point in my development as a photographer I strive to capture reality as faithfully as possible. I have no problem with others retouching my work as long as they are given equal credit when the image is posted or published.

A couple of notes about my Friends list: I only add people that I've worked with so that the list is more meaningful. My Top 12 is arranged in order of most-recent collaborator first, so please don't be offended if you drop off that list. Just shoot with me again to regain the top spot!

Thanks to all the talented individuals I've worked with, I can no longer keep at least one shot from every model I've collaborated with on my port. To work around this, I've established a list of "Night Beat Photos on Other Profiles". You can view the images from our shoots on their profiles as well as check their other work. The list is arranged with the oldest material appearing first.

As of July 2009 when I found out that only 300 images will display in a list, I've moved my oldest work to "Older Night Beat Photos on Other Profiles"

There's also a list for Night Beat Photos Retouched by Others. Check out their modifications to the shots!

More Photos to See!
Where did the "18+" and non-mainstream stuff go? It's now at Night Beat Annex, a secondary profile for my more experimental work. Check it out.

I also have a new profile for my work with male models: Night Beat Male

And one for ModelMayhem members who are cosplayers: Conpix

Upcoming Shoots:
05/18/10 Annika Von Lee Noon Lady Gaga Makeup shoot at Night Beat Studios
05/19/10 Mark-uh 9:00 AM in San Francisco (details TBD)
05/19/10 Bella Brooklyn 3:00 PM Studio & location "Couples" shoot in SF
05/21/10 Bella Brooklyn 11:00 AM Studio boudoir for slipperygirl.com
05/23/10 Project Victory Cosplay 10:30 AM at Yerba Buena Gardens Carousel, SF
05/23/10 -sami- 3:00 PM XTC Contest Entry Shoot (Location TBD)
05/25/10 Yuilya Byakina 10:00 AM XTC Contest Entry Shoot (Location TBD)
05/25/10 Belle Epoque 7:00 PM at City College of San Francisco (details TBD)
05/28/10 through 05/31/10 FanimeCon 2010 in San Jose
06/02/10 CC Von All details TBD Studio/Location Shoot in San Francisco
06/03/10 Miss Nicole Malice (Time TBD) Vampire Mom theme at Night Beat Studios
06/05/10 Miss Lopez Time/Loc TBD Business Owner concept
06/08/10 -sami- Pikachu Body Paint with California Face & Body Art
06/10/10 xoELLYSExo 11:00 AM High Fashion, Swimsuit, Bridal, and Boudoir in SF
06/12/10 Northern California Cosplay Picnic 2010 (Treasure Island)
06/23/10 & 06/24/10 UNAVAILABLE
07/01/10 through 07/05/10 Anime-Expo in Los Angeles; Contact Us if you're going!
07/11/10 PRETTYBYJULIANNE Fun, extreme makeup (all details TBD)
07/17/10 Ani-Vent in Fresno (details TBD)
09/03/10 through 09/05/10 SacAnime in Sacramento, CA

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