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Been shooting since '95 when it was all about film. Started off with B&W film, then dabbled in digital.

Finally mid-2009 I decided to take it all one step further and here I am with a 1Ds2, portable studio lights and photos published in Ralph and Zoo.

NB: As part of organising the shoot i will require your phone number to contact you incase of any issues arising and i will give you mine as too many people don't check emails or messages frequently enough and it makes organising things extremely difficult and frustrating. (Hope I don't sound like I'm up myself, I just hate it when "yeah let's shoot" and that's the last I hear).

Blog: http://blog.edwardhor.com/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/edwardhor
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/edwardhor

* Feel free to add me on facebook (just tell me you're from MM) as I often place a casting on there before here *

(If I added you it's because I like your work or wouldn't mind working with you) ;)


Thanks to all the models who've given me the opportunity to get my port going.

Thanks to Dave (xploit3d) & Oat (hangingpixels) for their guidance.

And for 2010+ HUGE thanks to Jason Cole for taking me under his wing and showing me the path :)


24 Jun 10 13:21
Great Port.. AMAZING ^^
22 May 10 10:48
beautiful port! :)
12 Jan 10 04:47
Hello,welcome to istudio!
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