About Me

This group of work is a selection from an ongoing photographic project, which began in 2003. It presents the nude in a surreal, sometimes abstract, and generally ambiguous time and space.

My aim in the earlier works was to use the nude to grab immediate attention, and evoke a psychological reaction. I attempt confusion in the imagery, along with distorted perspective and composition, to try and recreate what I believe is happening in a viewer's subconscious. While the contorted angles of the nudes themselves reference our struggle for self-awareness.

With the distortion, acute angles, high contrast and colour saturation effects, the works create a metaphor for our own various viewpoints. Ultimately my aim is to challenge the viewer to recognise and analyse their reaction to the nude body and perhaps their preconceived ideas of sensuality.

In later works the nude is set against a background of urban decay and destruction. These pieces explore my fascination with the continual cycle of decay and rebirth of our surroundings. By using the nude as the constant throughout these distressed conditions, I attempt to represent humanity's real vulnerability versus our perception of total control.

Please contact me through iStudio messaging for modelling, publishing or editorial enquiries.