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About Me

::: Will update with recent photos soon. :::

Capturing moments, emotions and moods instead of just "that look." I keep things relaxed and work with you instead of around you. I'm straight forward with a positive state of mind.

If I requested you, we've either met, respect your work or I may be interested in working with you. That's usually after I've sent a message or made a comment on your page. Thanking me for a Friend Request is for those who just add to add. Send me a message and let's chat directly.

Please read before sending a message
- shoot on location (indoor/outdoor)
- am not a fan of wigs, weaves or colored contacts unless it's specifically for a theme (be yourself)
- don't massively edit my photos but adjustments are made when needed
- don't shoot everything for public viewing
- do not offer paid work (but I do make referrals)
- shoot TFP selectively with those who stand out to me
- will assist with getting an MUA if requested
- usually don't mind if you bring someone for comfort
- won't hesitate to end shooting if I'm not comfortable
- reserve the right to be human (or close enough to it)

- read everything before contacting me
- message me when sending a friend request (Give me reason to Accept.)
- understand that I only schedule by phone not online
- don't hesitate to ask me a questions
- contact me through my site for a faster response (include your MM ID#)
- message me here for an intro, we'll exchange contact info then talk
- understand that I am not responsible if you did not read all of this

Paid work is taken with priority. If it even at least covers the cost of a meal and transportation, I'm more interested. So many will buy clothes for a shoot they refuse to pay for.

"Anyone can take a picture, an artist captures the moment."
I can only take you as seriously as you take yourself...
- Champion (It isn't a nickname or a title.)



I've been published various times. You may have even seen my work and not realized it since I also shoot marketing photos. Many know me from my media coverage and event work. If you'd like to know more specifics contact me directly.