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I am a professional photographer and member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers). I do commercial photography such as advertisements, brochures, catalogues, real estate and fashion. My artistic nude work is my way of expressing art and my creativity. It is also my way of promoting healthy positive body images and hopefully make the industry look at people from a new perspective. As I do work with models who are outside the industry norms.

The fact the so many models and people are still fearful of viewing artistic nudes, let alone posing leads me to believe there is an unhealthy view of art and the human body in general. I think people still have trouble distinguishing art from porn, and emotional response from titillation. Not everyone is here for self pleasure. Some are actually in the industry to work and create.

This portfolio is just my art and my expression of it. I do not put commercial work here. I have my professional website for that.

I hope you like the images take away a feeling for my art and my interpretation of the human body and how amazing and beautiful it can really be.

MODLES unsure about posing NUDE, then read my credits section.

Studio for Hire: - www.nude-muse.com.au/studio_hire.html

Happy to hear from you.

1st and 3rd Place Just Nudes Photographic Exhibition 2006, 2007


Have done lots of commercial work (too many to list) with some high lights being The Govenor General of Australia, The Govenor of Queensland, Lord Mayor of Brisbane Campbell Newman, BHP Billiton, Ray White, Cerebral Palsy League, National Breast Cancer Network, Australian Institute of Office Professionals etc etc.

All of the above knew that I also do artistic nude photography yet I still got work with them.

Same applies to models. Any model who thinks that they will not get work if they pose nude is incorrect. If anything, the publicity you get when the media finds out is called PR gold!! You cannot buy publicity like it.
Just about every supermodel and acadamy award winning and nominated actress have all either posed nude for shoots or appeared nude in films. Do a google search and see for your self. As long as the work they do is artistic then it can only help a career. If someone says otherwise it is just their own prejudice you are hearing.

Happy to supply list of famous models who have posed fully nude.


24 Jun 10 12:53
Hi and welcome!
22 Jun 10 21:07
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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