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About Me

"From Grace and Elegance stems Beauty..." - WG
"Knowledge is the food of the spirit, and beauty is the drink." - Eolake Stobblehouse

Are you ready?
Set up an appointment and get quality images for your profile and your portfolio.
Grace Photographic is accepting TFP/TFCD with local models.
The image matters.
Are you ready to get noticed?


Are you a Gilly Girl?
It's about fashion, it's about style, and it's about a way of life.
Are you one? Come shoot with me and show off your Gilly Hicks style.
(Updated 10/28/2010)

Location, Location, Location:
I would like to add more “outside” the studio work to my portfolio, and that means going on location. I have several good outside locations picked out, but am always looking for interesting backdrops. If you have an idea or an interest please let me know. Locations shoots are a little more work, but the results are worth it.
I'm thinking Fall sweater weather. Also interested in shooting in the snow (anyone want to build a snowman?)
(Fall/Winter 2010 and as long as the weather is suitable - Updated 10/28/2010)

I'm looking for models with long to extremely long (shoulder to waist length) hair for a series of shoots. If you qualify I'd love to talk to you.
(Open ended project - Updated 10/28/2010)

I am a Patriot!
Patriotism means different things to different people.
Are you interested in showing your support for our troops?
Do you want to Rock the Vote?
Are you Left, Right, or Center?
Do you want to help Rush Limbaugh keep his promise?
Do you think it's time for a change, or time to come together?
Do you still have Hope or are you ready to have a Tea Party and bring the Government to it's knees?
Show me what it means to you to be a Patriot.
The Polictical Season is on us... Some me your colors!
(Open ended project - Updated 10/28/2010)

Gypsy Themed shoots:
Gypsy - a person held to resemble a gypsy, esp. in physical characteristics or in a traditionally ascribed freedom or inclination to move from place to place.
What does it mean to you?
Whether it's in your blood or just in your soul I'd like to shoot with you.
Show me what it means to you to be a Gypsy.
I'd like to shoot the following themes:
Fortune Teller
Still looking to capture that killer image in this series.
Where is my Cajun Beauty?
(Open ended project - Updated 10/28/2010)

Getting Wet:
Studio Version:
Suit up and let us spray you down for that fresh healthy sweaty look.
Let us do all the hard work.
I'm looking to shoot lifestyle to glamour in the studio.
I'd like to expand on the idea started with "Behind the Glass."

The Real thing:
Shooting at Waterfalls and favorite swimming holes...
I'm looking for a few brave and adventurous models that are willing to go a bit farther, work a little harder, and get off the beaten track.
These assignments can involve hiking to out of the way locations across unimproved terrain. They can also involve long days (sometimes the challenge is getting to the location) but the results will be rewarding.
You will be required to carry your gear and your wardrobe (and possibly your lunch) in and out of the location.
If you're a Wimp or a Prima Donna thank you, but these assignments are not for you.
(Summer 2010 is gone. We'll try "The Real Thing" again in the Spring of 2011 - Updated 10/28/2010)

High Fashion:
Looking for models interested in shooting Edgy High Fashion.
(Updated 10/28/2010)

Green Eyed Girls:
I'm looking for more female models with green eyes willing to come spend an hour or two in the studio for headshots. (Open ended project - posted 6/21/2006 - Updated 10/28/2010)

Other ideas I'm working on:
Food as Fashion
Trash Bag Fashion (Are you so Fashion that you can you rock a plastic bag?)
Underwater work
Beauty in Nature

Models appearing in my online portfolio always get credit.
Never underestimate the power of a modeling credit.

I'm still looking for a reliable and talented MUA in the area for collaboration on several projects. I'm also interested in collaborating with wardrobe stylists who can help me take my work to the next level.

The Abingdon Studio is:

About 12 miles north of Bristol, Virginia.
If that doesn't ring a bell, you might have heard of a little 1/2 mile race track called Bristol Motor Speedway just across the Tennessee State Line, so if you're coming to town for a race let me know.

45 minutes from Kingsport or Johnson City.
45 minutes from Boone, NC
1 1/2 hours from Asheville, NC
1 1/2 Hours from Princeton, WV
2 hours from Blacksburg, VA (or 2 1/2 from Roanoke.)
2 hours from Knoxville, TN.
2 1/2 Hours from Fayetteville, WV (Can you say Bridge Day!)
3 hours from Charlotte, NC
3 Hours from Charleston, WV
5 Hours from Lexington, KY

Right now I'm looking for models willing to shoot Fashion, Casual, Swimwear, Lingerie, and Glamour.
I'm always looking for new ideas and I'm willing to shoot what you need.

I prefer to work with models that are 18+.
I'll work with younger models to help develop their portfolio only after meeting with them and their parent or guardian.

I take my photography very seriously, but I like to have fun doing it.
I'm very fond of shooting in natural light.
I really like the Domai style.
Simple, Elegant, Beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by.


List of MM Models I've worked with (Your name belongs here!)

Ashley Glenn - Mayhem #179191
Amber Llynn - Mayhem # 1293400
Jessica - Mayhem # 1769907
Nicole - Mayhem # 1636483 (OMP # 440604)
Kayla - Mayhem # 1438884 (OMP # 424312)
Rachel Shaw - Mayhem # 1414532 (OMP # 426137)
Rachael Wise - Mayhem # 1025199 (OMP # 398795)
Tiffany Hope - Mayhem #735773
Erika Heath - Mayhem # 848302 (OMP # 389915)
Brittany Roe - Mayhem # 799601 (OMP # 383952)
Michelle - Mayhem #447890 (OMP # 317534)
Stephanie Zimmermann - Mayhem #378243 (OMP #309987)
Tiffany Rachelle - Mayhem #259170 (OMP #280311)
Jessica - Mayhem # 235651 (OMP # 272104)
Lucy - Mayhem # 530622 (OMP # 1057300)
Hailey - Mayhem # 8000 (OMP # 148152)
Erica - Mayhem # 29214 (OMP # 96722)
Jill - Mayhem # 142432 (OMP # 51379)

Other models I've worked with:

Brittany - (OMP # 372200)
Kimber - (OMP # 260982)
Andréa - (OMP # 39852)
Jas - (OMP # 245152)
Keisha - (OMP # 210558)