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I'm a experienced freelance photographer providing photos for models web sites,advertisement photos for clothing designer and fashion company,shoot for magazines and taking pictures of dancers and singers on their performances for years. I'm into all kind of photography but proficiently in fashion,glamour lingerie,tasteful and artistic nude,retro pinup etc.paid job take priority and my rate are very reasonable,If you want some thing out of the ordinary for your portfolio please contact me.

I'll work TFCD with selective model and creative ideas so don't be shy to ask but serious inquiry only.

I'm adding friends not adding number, friend request without a MSG/Comment or Tag will be deny. Thank you for visiting my port.

**All images in Louis Li Photography port are 'copyright protected' and may not be copied, modified, distributed or used in 'part or whole' without my 'expressed written consent'**






Some have said:

Kaila So
Model 12/21/07 4:51am
hi louis^^ it's great to see u here~~~ u are a wonderful and skilled, experienced photographer i still kept the pics u took for me for my first ever press interview^^


January 10, 2009 12:19am
I enjoyed looking at all of your port, every photo is beautifully presented, This one though, really is wonderful.


January 02, 2009 3:57pm
Honestly, all your images have great color and visual appeal. 0

Fred Ackerman

December 21, 2008 1:56pm
All of your work is quite creative and most different. Very fine work throughout your page!

Natalie Jumper
Model 12/09/08 12:14am
Your portfolio is just too good to only comment on one. I like the fact that you've worked with models who have large tattoos and the pictures came out great! You've got a brilliant eye!

Good luck to you in the future!

Katie Santi
Model 01/10/09 12:52pm
all your images are absolutely brilliant. one of the best portfolios i have seen in a while!!!!

well done!



Gawain Atwater
Photographer 01/23/09 9:05pm
Nice works, cool concepts, great lighting

Heather Vegas

February 13, 2009 7:02pm
Very nice port and work you have accomplished, keep up the good hard work! 0


February 18, 2009 3:25pm
love all ur photos there all really different and out of the ordinary. ur style is cool. keep it up ..x

Krystina Press
Model 02/20/09 9:35pm
WOW I definitly admire your work..Your a great photographer...Well done!!!!!

Photographer 03/05/09 11:46pm
Fantastic portfolio, you give me something to aspire

Photographer 05/26/09 12:50pm
Very Stylish images. Much more Creative than Photographers who just get the Models NUDE and photograph it, without any Props or nice backgrounds, etc. Kudos!

Rachael Wagoner
Makeup Artist 06/26/09 9:51pm
love your nude work...very classy, well done!

Dee Maria

July 13, 2009 6:07pm
I love your entire port. Its simply gorgeous. Everything you do.

Photography by Ferrara

July 20, 2009 11:42pm
.........your B&W nudes are stunning. Perfect studies; great combination of form, contrast, and lighting. You should do more B&W!

venus luxury
Artist/Painter 08/18/09 8:11pm
all of your shots are just lovely and professional ,fantastic job keep up the great work..

Angel Ricci
Model 09/07/09 1:11pm
It was awesome to shoot with you.
You are the best photographer I ever shoot with.

Thank you so much for his amazing photoshooting.

Can't wait to see the pictures.

Thanks Angel

Model 2010-01-22 13:37:19
sniffles...why do you have to be so far away from me 0
I love your Port hun!!

Black Widow
Model 2010-01-22 11:53:59
very lovely port my dear. 0 would love to see more creative beautiful images next time i return 0

till then keep up the wonderful work!!
best wishes!!!


Photographer 2010-02-01 16:04:39
Nice port! Good mix of sexy and funny portrait. Well done!

Theresa Currie
Model 2010-01-30 21:31:33
Thanks, had a great time working with you, can't wait to do it again!

Model 02/06/10 8:01pm
Thank you so much for today! I loved shooting with you. I can't wait to get a look at the photographs. I hope to work with you again.l I had a great time and you did and outstanding job.

Desdemona von Minx
Model 2010-03-07 13:16:06
I love your shots! Beautiful work! I love that you do so much dance and pin-up! Very creative and artistic! Fantastic port!

RafaelColon Photography
Photographer 2010-03-24 20:41:06

Very cool images in your port!


Model 2010-03-25 20:16:22
Thank you Louis it was wonderful working with you as well. I look forward to work with you again in the near future, you do a wonderful job 0

Kitty Pratt
Model 2010-03-25 21:24:55
Love Love Love your work! Your port is amazing!

05/03/10 10:43 AM
I just wanted to tell you i think your pictures are really amazing, i wish i had photographers like you living near me
Tilly-Louise x

Kim Truax
Model 2010-07-03 22:22:09
Thank you Louis for our shoot today! I enjoyed the comfortable and professional environment.

Hazel Skye
Model 2010-07-06 22:53:56
Thank you for the kind words Louis. It was great to work with you as well! It was a good shoot, I can't wait to see the photos from it.
Talk to you soon,
- Hazel

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Hair stylist
Candice #1060641
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24 Feb 11 15:01
Love your work as always. Keep it up!!!! Have a nice day, Marianne WRS
12 Feb 11 15:06
Great port! I'd love to work with you!
12 Dec 10 17:04
awesome work keep it up http://www.zarihsretouching.com/
24 Sep 10 20:49
thanks for the compliment on Gabes' picture!
11 Aug 10 12:09
Good Morning! I hope you have a Great Day! xoxo, Amy
04 Aug 10 16:49
Thanks for your comment as well!
04 Aug 10 13:29
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