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I was always interested in photography from a young age…even to this day. At a young age my father introduced me to the love of documentation of wars and the historical factor involved. My first experience with a camera was joining the Army Reserves as a Combat Photographer; where I spent nine years and covered real world events for three in Iraq covering the war from the very beginning in 2003 to the almost end in 2009. Even to this day I find myself amazed with how much I have experience in my few years documenting and creating works of art in their own right. I love all aspects of photography and am always trying to find new and interesting ways to show my work ranging from real world problems to beautiful abstract pieces. I come from a family of professional artists whom have enriched to me the love of the arts so I am always trying to find the the visual integration of photojournalism and the complexities of art as well as entertain the eye of the casual viewer while bringing them into my unique perception of the world and reality.


Military Photography:

Washing Post
NY Times
National Geographic
History Channel
Soldier of Fortune Magazine


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I will be in your area june 25
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