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I have been a photographer for about 28 years, mostly glamour and sports stuff. I was a freelancer for mens magazines for about 11 years. I have had credits in Penthouse and a number of other mens mags.

I am involved in several on-going projects of "Warrior Woman" and other "Fantasy" style photos that I am creating for a table top book series and calendars. For 2011 and 2012 I have committed to do calendar and poster photos for 2 racing teams based in Las Vegas. These will be the usual swimsuit and implied style that is used for team promotions and advertising. Also personnel appearances will be required of the models involved with the teams during the course of the season. I also get calls for stock photos featuring models in many different daily activities.

There is some nudity with regards to photos for the books and the stock projects. This is mostly artistic and rarely requires any frontal shots, a majority are implied only and the majority of these themes are sexy but do not involve nudity at all. I am fascinated with the theme of duality and irony [an inevitable connection.. say Good v.s. Evil]. I will be incorporating this concept where possible in the book shots.

I am also shooting a number of Fetish themes for content, these include Bondage, Latex, and Foot Fetish images and video.

If you have a desire to work with me, contact me either thru Model Mayhem or by email. I do not work with under age models on any projects at this time. This avoids issues for my clients who may see a photo and want to use a model for a particular project.

Also I always start online networking with an email with details of a project I have and I am interested in booking you for. A friend's request may follow, but only if we have worked together, or plan to work together. I am a professional and as such I am not looking for girlfriends or dates. The business is already tough enough...




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