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About Me

I am Ryan Conley a new photographer out of the great city of Kingston Ontario Canada. I got into photography about 6 years ago when I was traveling to Calgary Alberta and fell in love with two things the mountains and taking pictures. 400+ pictures in 3 days was a great start if I say so myself.

After a few years of taking scenery pictures I developed an interest in taking portraits. Going through school for advertising I had to create an ad for a womans perfume and needed a female model. Snap Snap and 60 pictures later I started to build my people portfolio.

Now a few years later I am still learning all I can ... still trying to make photography my full time job but for now it is still a hobby.

So now the why am I here. well I am looking for models for TFP around the area. I am willing to travel in reason of course. I just would like to build my portfolio to the point that I think it is ready to show companies to make photography my full time job.

If you are interested contact me on here or facebook ( Ryan C. Conley ) or msn ( rycon10@gmail.com )

thanks for taking the time to read all of this jibber jabber

Ryan ( Picture2Capture Photography )


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