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About Me

(1) Rugged men with lots of swag, ink (tattoos), fitteds, etc
(2)High Fashion males and females
(3)Underwear models
(4)Athletic Models to do artistic and implied nude portraits
(5)Men with dreds (short or long)
(6)Male fitness models for sports project

I'm living my dream everyday! When I'm not taking pictures, I'm thinking about taking pictures. I strive to perfect my craft everyday. I'm here to network, make some friends, and have pleasant photoshoots.



AIM: atlphotog2378 instant message me

About Me:

Something people don't know about me...
I'm really 31, really I am...

Five things I must have at every shoot...*
1. Prayer
2. My camera
3. Creativity
4. Patience
5. Starburst!
6. People*

One thing I must do to improve my business...

My work hours are...
Work hours? I'm always working on something photography related.

My guilty pleasure...
Colonge. I have bottles and bottles and bottles.

Something I must have this year...
17" MacBook Pro (donations anyone?)

Something that is beautiful...

My best feature...
My best feature would have to be my family and friends. They have really supported my photography talent from the beginning. With the help of my family and friends, and the big guy above, I have come to realize that anything is possible!

Today I bought...

What I wash my face with...
Clean and Clear Daily Face Wash (some good stuff)

Words of wisdom...
Anything is possible no matter how impossible it may seem, just hold your head up high and know that God is on your side. You can accomplish anything when you believe! All things are possible!

What else would you like to know?

FYI: No TFCDs, TFPs... BUT THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS!!! To insure superior quality, I do not give out "raw" images, contact sheets, or proofs (there are no exceptions to this)...


Always looking for up and coming models to shoot.


17 Jun 10 11:47
Would LOVE to set something up while I am in Atlanta, the 8th to the 18th. If your interested just let me know! Bianca
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