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About Me

I am being very very very selective with my shoots up until March, I have very little time to do TF work before starting Law School in March so I guess you can say I am kinda taking a "break" for a little bit....

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I am pretty new in photography compared to many photographers on this site (I'm only 30 years old!!!) and I have about three years + experience with shooting models, but photography has been a passion of my life for years. I'm really looking at expanding my portfolio though this site. I think my best work and creativity comes with swimsuit, lingerie and implied shoots...I just love glamour. I'm a goofball..I like to have fun on the set because it shows in the photos..trust me you'll have fun! My rates are VERY reasonable and I do TF on a very very limited basis...

Upcoming Projects: I'm so sick of shooting in Studios...I wanna expand my work and do outdoors, bedrooms/bathrooms, different places in the cities and off the wall locations.

*Info*- "I honestly rarely pay models out of my own pocket, I am not saying my work is just so amazing like some photographers on this site , I just rarely pay because I have limited time with the shoots I have and usually if I need something in my portfolio I will add it in one of my TF shoots. I still ask models to work with me for pay if its for a client etc who is paying the models expenses or the model is extremely hot and would benefit my portfolio."

Everyone has a different set of rules, here are mine.

* No Escorts - Non negotiable, I only prefer those who are there working on the shoot with me - makeup, hair, designers. I can provide plenty of references if requested. I just work my best when I don't have someone else looking over my shoulder. My focus should be on the model, and producing great photos and I really wanna leave any distractions at the door. It's not to get you alone in a room etc...all these horrible stories I have heard though MM...I had my gear stolen once and it cost a ton of money to replace, so instead of putting me in the spot again I just eliminated the situation. If you need an escort, there are hundreds of thousands of photographers on this site and others...save the time of writing me an email and use them instead.

* No original images or set amount of pictures to be received when I am doing a TF shoot- I will choose the images I like the best, I will re-size, edit, and copyright the pictures and email them to you. I will only publicly use the same images that I send you, and if I edit any more in the future I will send those to you. Most models get between 5 and 10 (some get many more, depends on how well we do) edited pictures, which holds plenty of value in exchange for their time.

* I do not give the model permission to edit, alter, enhance, or crop my photos. I love going to someones portfolio and seeing they made the photo rainbow colored with 30 hearts they had drawn using microsoft paint...if other models or companies didn't like my work before..they def won't like it now haha.

You can count on receiving the photos within 2 weeks. Nearly everyone I shoot with ends up setting up another shoot with me. I'm not gonna rush my work, you want the best work possible I can give you...give me time to get them done right.


Model Mayhem Models-

Nicole Shane MM#862476- Great Model to work with comes to the shoot very professional and gives great input to the shoot.

Hunter Rayne MM#896031- Very Experienced. Despite showing up hung over she was good to work with.

Chantel Waske MM#733121- Great model to work with, has great ideas during the shoot and gives 110%.

Candace Jones MM#719557- Sweet model, great at directions and poses, She made the shoot fun!!!!

Samantha Metz MM#634065- Knows her poses and what works with her, she is very easy to work with and alot of fun

Lexie Goodwey MM#1121473- Great model who I would love to work with over and over again. I highly recommend using her for any style shoot!

Rachel Mcgucken MM#1275888- A great model who does well with taking direction with poses and facial expressions and has a very bright future in modeling. Great smile too

Abby Megan Vice MM#1125729- Great model, makes the shoot fun...she is def my favorite Hippie

Jillian Bellville MM#1851614- Just an AMAZING model, I enjoyed working with her and honestly, you need to work with her

Mckenzie Lindo MM#1294739- Very sweet girl who follows direction well and is just alot of fun to be around, she's my favorite dork haha. She is new, but you would still love to work with her!

Niki Palmer MM#731184- Very beautiful, fun and a really great model. Gotta love those southern girls

Grace Erin MM#750015- Great model, loved working with her and can't wait for her to come back to Ohio sooooooooooon

Brittany Haist MM#860842- Very beautiful model, fun to shoot with, great at posing and facial expressions..if she wasn't so far I would work with her over and over again!

Krissy Albright MM#1292822- Great at posing, facial expressions and has a great personality...it doesnt get much better than that...besides her being freakin hott too! BOOK HER!

Becky Langin MM#826371- I'm not gonna lie... she is damn good in front of the camera!

Kaecee Severance MM#446557- She is seriously one of the best on Model Mayhem. Very professional, great at poses and facial expressions and a ton of fun at the shoot....Plus I popped her IHOP cherry 0 haha.

Chloe Kalin MM#728526- Okay Okay....she's my favorite model...hands down she is the best out there. She's professional...funny...amazing at poses and facial expressions, and local..you can't beat that! Love working with her!!!

Devon Andrews MM#1249078- This model is just AMAZING...i seriously love working with her..she is great for both photography modeling and promotional work due to her upbeat personality and gives 110% everytime for the right shot. She may be new, and shy at first, but once she warms up to you she is remarkable to work with. I highly recommend her and you won't regret using her. Def one of my all-time favs...and plan on using her for numerous shoots in the future. She rawks 0

Alison Norman MM#1381647- AMAZING model I hope to work with again and again.

Courtney Conley MM#1418063- New model, nice to work with.

Heather Cantwell MM#1482242- great model with alot of potential!

Candee Meiring MM#1017714- She rocks...seriously..book her ASAP!!!!

Ameina MM#1244868- LOVE her, she does every pose just right, great on facial expressions and is fun to work with. I highly recommend her.

Cali Miles MM#1084739- She brings her A-game to the shoot and totally rocks it. One of the best on modelmayhem and she is a kick ass musical artist too!

Elana Koh MM#881687- 100% Bad ass 0 She is one of my favs....great at posing, facial expressions, attitude and personality is amazing, she truely is bad ass lol. I highly recommend her for portfolio and promo work.

Nikole B MM#1574414- Great at poses and facial expressions...had a blast working with her despite the insane heat LOL...she's a very good model and highly suggest her.

Kellie J MM#679227- Very good at poses and facial expressions, pics turned out amazing and she is so fun to work with.

Sara Staley MM#903294- So much fun working with her, she has a great mind for shoot ideas and our photos turned out pretty hott!

Lacey Ooten MM#1304907- Amazing with her facial expressions and posing, she is great to work with and brings 110% to a shoot!

Megan Czaplicki MM#1222366- Had a blast working with her, she's fun and exciting and gives her all to find the right shot. Great model to work with.

Katy Ngo MM#1394026- New model but smoking hot....great with poses...book her fo sho!!!!!

Amanda Kuljko MM#592732- She's awesome, great at posing, facial expressions and has a killer body...so full of potential and gives 110% to the shoot...I highly recommend her to anyone looking to update their portfolio or looking for a great model for any project!


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