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I suspect we might all agree that beauty is a very pleasant thing, a gift to all of us really. I see an infinite number of beautiful variations possible with every person; the challenge is in capturing some of those fleeting moments in lasting images. This of course takes effort, skill and patience from both the model and the photographer to successfully accomplish. The more I learn about this, the more I appreciate those who excel at the craft.

While open to all ideas and concepts, I tend to do best with, and much prefer glamour work. Like I wrote earlier, beauty is something to appreciate and share, and I see the enjoyment of beauty as a completely normal and healthy activity. My personal style tends to lean more towards subtle rather than explicit, and I do prefer to leave some things up to the viewer’s imagination. All styles have merit, but this just happens to be the route I find most rewarding.

I have a modest dedicated studio at my home, suitable for portrait and work not requiring large props or groups of people. I’m also fortunate enough to be surrounded by a variety of natural settings (Seattle weather permitting of course), and have some interesting and classy props, settings and locations within and around my home to work with.

TF* concepts are always welcomed and responded to. Paid requests are of course welcomed too, but then you knew that already!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day and have fun!


Kristin G - Model #3310
Ada Mae Johnson - Model #721274
Doreena - Model #1424736
Jessica Matzen - Model #766953
Little Bird - Model #1377904
Klaras - Model #730867
Natasha Lassere - Model #400892
Erin Crabtree - Model #839439
Scarlett Von Raven - Model # 1160310
Invy - Model - #135322
Raccoon Carobtree - Model -#654378
Mariposa Bella - Model -#729369
Kari Marie - Model -#390875
Tatiana - Model -#1023172
Irina13 - Model - #32204
Leighvye Valentino - Model - #1007018
Stefano DL - Model - #881296
Hillary Devi R - Model - #871013
Susan Larsen - Model - #727815
Adventurous Angel - Model - #565914
Summer Dawn - Model - #633722
Kyoko - Model - #625611
Jerry Johnson - Photographer #737


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