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About Me

“In a small darkroom buried in the basement of the main hall of a summer camp in the middle of the Berkshires I watched my first photo print develop before my very young eyes. That was it! I was hooked. Right then I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life.”

Jeff’s career, like his first photo print, began its development from that first early experience in the Berkshires. He has never wavered from that conviction.

His first career step began while Jeff was still in high school, when he applied for and got the position of photographer/lab tech at the Citizen a newspaper in Auburn New York. This was a real coup for a young man just starting out, especially since he was pitching his talents against some older, more seasoned professionals.

After leaving Auburn, Jeff then went on staff with Syracuse Newspapers in Syracuse, New York. He was working in black and white, doing spot news, daily features and sports photography as well as maintaining and operating the print lab.

The experiences Jeff obtained in the lab provided him with the skills to move to the next steps in his career. He gained expertise in the technical aspects of digital imaging and quality photo print.

All the while, Jeff was honing his talents. He looked at and admired the works of Ansel Adams, Annie Leibowitz and Robert Cappa while the uniqueness of his own “eye” emerged.

Today, Jeff is realizing that early Berkshires goal. Hollowtree Images is where it happens. You can see the product of this endeavor as Jeff approaches each photo session. He has the eye of a photojournalist and the passion of a fine art painter.


LazyDays RV
Tampa Tribune
Sarasota Homes and Life Styles
Tampa Bay Illustrated
....just to name a few.


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