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Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I am Robby Rodrick, photographer and owner of RRExclusive. I have been taking pictures (portraits, weddings, portfolios, freelance, studio, and catalog work) off and on for more than 25 years.

I am getting away from the norm of traditional pictures and am leaning towards an artistic and creative style.

I would like to collaborate and work with artistic, creative and imaginative models, and to diversify my portfolio, but more importantly create art together. I have several ideas and want to continue with artistic projects in the near future.

I like to shoot outdoors, on location, studio, & as I stated experiment with creative ideas.

Just so you know:

I work with what God gave the model and take it from there.
When I look at your port, I look for what you have not done.

If you want totally photoshoped digitally enhanced images, let me know and we can work on some ideas before the shoot.

I try not use Photoshop too much, I use it to make minor adjustments, to clean the photo and sometimes I just have to. I am open to ideas to use photoshop to create digital images for the fun of it.

Paid assignments, I am willing to do TFP/TFCD for a situation that helps us both (but please use the shots I have edited and have my label) or because you have some great ideas, I will travel if needed.

Feel creative and you are serious? Then, e-mail me.

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‘A shoot is a friend and a family affair’ unknown author

Visit my professional page at http://rrexclusive.smugmug.com/

as well as web pages

http://www.myspace.com/robbyrodrick (I hardly ever update this page).

Also visit my Meetup Photography Group site:

....Robby ;-)


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23 Jul 14 11:36
Fabulous work!
11 Mar 12 09:04
love your portfolio would love to be on it!
11 Jun 11 08:09
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