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I'm Ed, I'm a photographer located just outside of Chicago.

I focus on shooting Casual, Lingerie, and Glamour images for clients.

I offer low rates, and quick, quality service.

TFP/CD is also an option if it benefits us both.

I prefer shooting tasteful Lingerie/Pin-up, and Glamour Nudes for my portfolio and submissions, as my goal is to be published in a major magazine or as a staff photographer for a website.


Models I've worked with...
Saige (4 Times)
Monica Star
Alexa Morgan (2 Times)
Lil Red
Kordelia Devonshire (2 Times)
Meka Mulan (5 Times)
Yulianna (5 Times)
Gennavive Leigh
Hillary Marie
Amy Davis
Muse Mel
Maria (3 Times)
Mis-a-Lissa (2 Times)
Model Jade Indica
Brandi Marie (2 Times)
Danielle Trixie
Marina Romanova (2 Times)
Paper Doll Princess (2 Times)
Amy Aiello
Savannah Jet
Jennifer Bolinger
Marina SA
Holly DeGroot
Frieda Chen (2 Times)
Amber Gangi (2 Times)
Nicole Moser (2 Times)
Krysti M (2 Times)
Stacie Snow
Missy Robinson
Gigi Bean
Crimson Curls
Meghan Layne
Samantha Stewart
Rachel Jay
Felicia Pope
Andrea LaPinske
Amber Sherry
Krystal Derse
Natalie Morris
Jenni Czech
Charlie Mancini

Make Up Artists...
Erin O'Brien
Jennifer Levato
Sally Kempton
Christy Gamble

Workshops I've attended...
Rolando Gomez Chicago July 2007
Pat O'Brien's July 2007, January 2008
G.W. Burns St. Louis September 2008
Great Lakes Glamour Photography February 2009
Urban Sexy Workshop 3 Racine August 2009
Anything Goes 3 Racine September 2009
Photo Highlights October 2009
Iguana Studios March 2010


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