About Me

I'm a professional photographer, and have shot full-time editorial, advertising, fashion, entertainment, and corporate work since 18. I've had my own studio since 1990, and have won a number of international awards, including Cover of the year at the National Magazine Awards, my own DP spread of work in the Communication Arts Photography Annual, and in a coffeetable book of the top illustrated portraits in the history of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Throughout the 90's, I specialized in very complex photo-illustration work, for advertising agencies, design firms, magazines, and entertainment companies, often combining CGI elements and digital illustration. Although I still do photo-illustration projects occasionally, I am doing more pure photographic work, in studio and on location. I am not really a "fashion photographer", but sometimes shoot for fashion magazines, salons, and designers just to mix it up. Of course, I use models regularly for my shoots, ranging from entry-level for tests, to very experienced for full-budget ad work. For these higher-budget projects, I prefer to work with models, stylists, and hair & makeup artists that I have worked with before, and have extensive professional experience, like most shooters.

I shoot creatives once in awhile, so you are interested in participating in some creatives, or lighting / equipment tests, drop me a line, with your link, resume, comp card, site link, etc, and I'll keep you in mind. For client work, I find that they are more comfortable with hiring agency models, unless it is a specific "character".

Since 2000, I've taken my experiences of promoting, communicating, and doing business as a commercial photographer, and created what I and my web clients consider the ultimate self-editable fully expandable and scalable, high-performance, well-designed online portfolio system, which interestingly, publishes both a pure Flash and pure HTML site simultaneously, and then cross-links each page, for the best of both worlds. First it was for myself, but now I have other photographers, like the very talented Mario Miotti http://www.mariomiotti.com using it. I'm looking for other photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, models, agencies, clothing designers, etc, to create sites for. Screamer deals going on now pre-launch, plus, if your stuff is good, I'm going to promote the hell out of your site. If you're an experienced pro stylist, hair, or makeup person, I can even do a barter with you. I also do marketing consultation and branding for creative businesses and professionals, as well.

I'm totally new to MM, so please be patient if i don't respond right away.


studio: Boa Studios http://www.boastudios.com (great rental studio available to photographers and models)

equipment and digital tech: CaptureTek http://www.capturetek.com (best service and knowledge, and lowest prices in Toronto)

portfolio website designer http://www.boamedia.com (my graphic and web design division)

website technology http://www.intellifolios.com shows the Visualizer tool. giving you a sneak peek at how easy it is to make global changes, and some of the main options available. (online portfolio technology that I developed for photographers, models, model agencies, etc, who want the ultimate in high-usability, well-designed Flash sites to promote themselves)