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Hello. I'm a 31year old amateur male photographer. I am new to the world of model/portrait photography but I'm looking to explore various avenues open to me with the aim of becoming more deeply involved in the art. I'm particularly interested in 'people photography' (hence the reason for being here), as well as landscape photography.
As I'm new to model/portrait photography, I do not have a studio nor currently access to one. Therefore interested models would either need to shoot with me 'on location' (or perhaps in hotel grounds where I'm staying if I'm away from home), or in a studio that you, the model, might have access to.

I am more than happy for any model to bring a chaperone to any shoot but I would ask that they advise me of this, as I may wish to do the same. It would also be useful to know during this initial contact whether models can travel for shoots and/or have access to their own car or would need to use public transport. This obviously effects the location of 'on location' shoots. Finally, if prospective models have any time limitations or ideas of how long they'd like to work on a shoot for, please advise as well during initial contact.

In terms of "compensation" of a model's time, I currently work on a TFCD/TFDVD basis at the moment but could provide TFP if really needed.

If any models feel they would like to work with me at any time, please send me a message via ModelMayhem.com.

Or my aim screen name to make talking easier is same as on yahoo messenger




13 Jun 11 10:40
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