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 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:95 lbs
Measurements:34-21-32 in
Shoe Size:7.5
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Middle Eastern
Skin Color:Tanned
Join:7 Dec 2003

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"work like you dont need the money, dance like nobodys watching, and love like youve never been hurt before"

CREDITS: Signed with Quest Talent Agency 2004, Playboy shoot September 2004: Playboy main magazine Employee of the Month Pictorial (publication time to be announced), Playboy Special Editions layout (publication time to be announced), Playboy Special Editions behind the scenes video for Playboy TV (Playboy Photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi). A special thank you to Playboy and staff for a great shoot in Miami. Thank you to the Playmates on location for help with hair and wardrobe! You all are amazing! Thank you for viewing my portfolio. I am not accepting any tfp work. I am willing to travel and ready for any type of assignment. I will NOT accept any nude work or any type of pornography assignments. Email requests asking for pornographic assignments will not be responded to! I am very interested in petite modeling assignments and all print work. Please contact for rates. Due to my hectic work schedule please excuse any delay in responding to emails. I'll have a lot of new photos up in the near future so please stop back and keep an eye out for my upcoming publications with Playboy :)I look forward to working with you :) Photographers worked with: The ones I could not live without* *Max V. (we really don't know what state Max will ever be in) famous words Max:"what does that mean?" Max aka The sexy photographer...its the accent! I don't think Max has ever met a girl that didn't want to just throw her cloths at him :) (one showcase image colaboration with VisualClash) Florida: Sam Dixon (Bikerbabes Inc.): the teddy bear :)yes he really does have a Mickey Mouse cell phone and no girl will ever be as pretty as Snow White to Sam :) Todd Rupp: the most patient photographer award goes to Todd. John Fisher: The historian and mentor :) aka "Fish" famous words John: "let me tell you a story about....." Jarmo Pohjaniemi: Playboy. South Beach Miami. Illinois: *Heather Dellinger: No one can design like Heather! Don't worry about bringing wardrobe all she needs is a lil bit of fabric to make a world class outfit!! A great friend and a great photographer. (1 showcase image) *Al Stak: lil butt partner in crime :)Chicago *Mike Dixon: best foot wash ive ever had! all models should take a bath in the industrial sink at his studio! I love ya Mikey :) famous words Mike: "Tricia you know you look like my ex wife" Chicago (5 showcase images) *Mick Rosen: I love you even when you want to beat me over the head with your camera :) famous words Mick: "ok now take it off" my response "omg Mick HERE!" Chicago Rich Drinkard (from PA but shot in Chicago): easy going rich :) famous words Rich: "Tricia I didn't realize until now how see threw that shirt really is" Don Bersano: one of the nicest people to work with famous moment Don grabs a college kid to hold a reflector in the middle of busy down thing you know we can't shake the drunk college kid who is determind to be Don's next assistant! *Jeff Stella: an honor and a pleasure. you are awesome Jeff :)I'll be your Euro Trash Girl any day :) famous words Jeff: "look like um whats the word um um um"..Alfred jumps in to save the day :) Chicago (three showcase images)OMP image of the day. Missourri: *GW Burns: What can a girl say.....I will still never get in a creek with live tad poles trying to swim up my dress! aka "G" famous words G:"I photographer, YOU model" (one previous showcase deleted image) Tom Driscoll: the photographer where it all began. New York: *Steve Vaccariello: Non OMP photographer. Beautifull work and a joy to work with. See more of Steve's work at If you are fortunate enough to work with Steve don't bring your belly jewelry :) Steve likes his models all natural!! (one showcase image) *Steve Azzara Quote: "yea, you look better horizontal. I'd do you!" Oh gee Steve thanks!!! I feel the love!!! LOL! (Four showcase images!) Carlos Alayo: Great to work with and isn't afraid to help a model out when she can't figure out how the hell to wear a shirt!!! First photographer to help me get dressed!! "Carlos does it tie in the back or front?" "Wait I know lets get the sales lady so we can all fit in the small dressing room!" Now that I look like a dumb model... Thank you Carlos!! PS girls..when you call his name he answers "Yes Master" River Clark: The first to make me lose my camera shyness! MUA's worked with: *Hula: my sissy!!! great job!! New York Philip Patterson: New York Sonya: New York *Alfred: you rock but keep that hair brush away from me for awhile :) Chicago *Lani Todd: Playboy hairstylest (miss December 2002 playmate) One of the most fun people to work with. Miami *Greg Perdun: Playboy makeup artist. Miami *Hiromi Oshima omp# 181931 Playboy Playmate costume producer playboy shoot Miami. Models worked with: Christine (aka Hula): my sissy! If anyone wanted to read a whole book about our adventures I would be typing for hours!! Love you! Derek: great to work with ZOOLANDER!!!! hugs lil bro! Eric: holy cow look at those abs! Cassie: My baby girl :) her omp# is 96431. If interested you may contact me for booking. Editors *Visual Clash (Netherlands) Sander: one word um "WOW" (one showcase image colaboration with Max V.) MUCH THANKS TO ALL OF THE ABOVE! YAHOO IM: triciamodel2004 *If you have me bookmarked please make it public so I can view your work.