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About Me

I am both a creep-star and a pre-vert... just an FYI in case either of those present any potential problems. Don't worry, they usually do not.... (references available upon request.)

Other facts...

I am not a professional.
I take interesting snapshots.
I am harmless.
I am somewhat obsessed with vaginae.*

I typically do not accept TF or any sort of paid work. I shoot what I want to shoot on my terms, and I compensate you for your time with ca$h-monie$. Sound good? Good.

Also, when it comes to my work.. I try to avoid the whole deal about what is "art," what is "not art," etc, etc.... I shoot what I shoot because I believe it has value.. artistic or not.

Oh, and I tend to shy away from working with the following types of models....

DELUSIONAL: "Hi! I am looking for PAID work only!11 my Rates are 100$ per hour for clothed and $250/per hour for impled nuude. and I require a minimum of 3 hours booking for all shoots!1! Please check out my portfile to view all of 5 of my shitty cellphone cam pics!1 I look Forward to working with YOU!!!1 THANK TYOU!!1!!1 :)"

CRAZY: "I bring my husband, his 3 dogs and no fewer than 2 (and no greater than 5) of my nasally-voiced friends with me to all shoots NO ACCEPTIONS!! Also, since my husband and friends all have their own schedules to keep, I respectfully ask that you schedule all shoots at least 6 months in advance for planning purposes NO ACCEPTIONS!!! Thanks!"

RIGID/ JUDGMENTAL: "I do not shoot nudes of any kind. Sorry. Nothing against nudity or nude models, but I have something called 'respect' for my body, and do not wish to make my living as a whore. I am okay with bikini and lingerie shoots as long as I can wear at least two turtle necks and three pairs of jeans over everything. Again, I DO NOT POSE NUDE. Go to a strip club if that's what you want to see. Thank you!"

DIVAS: "I am VERY particular about who I work with and I NEVER do TF so DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT ASKING ME FOR IT. Before you contact me about a booking, please make sure that you have read ALL of my profile. Yes, all 50,000 characters of it, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING TO HIRE ME UNLESS YOU HAVE READ ALL OF IT. And please understand that I am very busy so DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT MESSAGING ME. THANK YOU."

Generally worthless notations.....

I am currently accepting random friend requests.

If I send you a friend request it could mean that I:

A) like your work
B) want to work with you
C) know you in real life
D) am drunk and on the internet

Also, every now and then I just sort of 'clean house' and delete all of my friends except for two.. (don't take it personally or anything.)

Oh, and all of my comments 'n tags 'n such are honest. I don't post them just because I like to see words on the internet. Yes, they're good networking tools, but.. I won't post something unless I mean it.

* I can not post my snizz-centric work on here due to MM rules, so.... you'll just have to trust me on that one.