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If anyone is interested in having a custom painting or drawing done for them please contact me for prices. I can do or oil, acrylic, digital graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, mixed media, gouache, crayons and pretty much anything else you can throw at me. I have experience in realism and abstract and I'm willing to take on pretty much any subject matter you can give me. That also includes portraits, landscapes custom illustration still lives, animals, tattoo designs etc. I'm willing to hear anything. Valentines Day is coming up so give someone special a custom piece of art 0

Hello, my name is Pagdon. I am an illustration major at University of the Arts in Philly. Here's what you need to know about me:

The Art:
My art ranges from drawings, to paintings, to digital art. I love drawing with pencil, pen and oil pastels mostly. There's something about the permanence of pen and the versatility of oil pastels that really intrigues me. I can draw with soft pastels as well but they aren't my personal preference. I love to paint in oils more so the watercolor and acrylic. There's just a longer tradition and a lot of chemistry behind it. And digital art has been something that I've experimented with for years. I mostly paint in Corel Painter, however I am also adapt to Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Subject Matter:
I love to sketch simple things. People, landscapes, still lives, but normally its people at the Panaras or coffee places (when I go to one). However, when I paint it has more meaning. Usually it is a philosophical message, about society, religion etc. If I had the money I'd get degrees in philosophy, psychology, and sociology. But I'm a starving artist. I usually like to have more unorthodox visuals to convey this message though.

Why I Am Here:
Originally I was here because my community college didn't offer nude modeling classes. Then I started taking some at a local private art program. While I don't mind drawing a large 50-year-old man or a 60-year-old woman, they do not usually have younger models. Also, I'd like to draw more interesting models in the sense of style, for example alternative models. However, I am not limited to them.

The other reason I am here now is to meet individuals with similar interests in the sense of artistic goals. No this is not myspace- its better. To me, I say "what's wrong with becoming friends with people on this site?" Yes you can be professional but that doesn't mean you cant be friends with models, makeup artists, photographers etc. I want to work with people I get along with. Am I here to date? No. Am I here to meet people who use this site to make god/great artwork? Yes.

My Procedure:
Assuming you are still reading this, this is how I like to progress towards working together:
1. Message you or you message me on here
2. We decide to either exchange numbers (numbers preferred because i have dealt with fake profiles online for modeling or otherwise and I do not want to get burned again. Also it is partially a safety net for both of us considering we get to hear a tone of voice and it allows us to see how we are personality wise. Finally it also says alot when you can't make time for a phone call, so how can you make time for a shoot?
3. Meet and greet or work together but meet and greet in starbucks or somethign is preferred.
4. Work together.
5. As I work on projects i will text the progress of it to the model(s) involved

The Misconception:
A lot of times, I will message someone and two things will happen. 1. I have messaged them more then once or 2. They assume I mean nude. With the first one, please understand I have over 2,000 friends on here and a bad memory so if i have messaged any of you in the past and was turned down, I promise I am not messaging you weeks or months later intentionally. I just don't remember that we've talked before. The second is that when I message someone and they think that since I am a painter I mean to paint or draw them nude. I don't force or push someone into doing that if they are not comfortable or do not offer nude. Never have. And when I message someone it does not automatically mean nude, it just means I want to work with you. So thanks for the understanding on those two points.

Paying Models:
I have only done this twice and will never again. The first stole money from me and the second wasn't really worth it, not on her part but I was not prepared and had bad ideas so nothing worthwhile came out of it. I work part time and am a student so at the most i can only pay for gas. In addition, I want to work with models who are on this site to be part of works of art and inspire creativity. Aka- as a hobbie, not to make money and have no interest in my ideas. I DON'T APPRECIATE INEXPERIENCED MODELS LOOKING FOR PAY. Modeling in itself is an art. If you have 4 myspace pictures or "professional" shots with the same facial expression in all of them then you are not experienced to me. Experienced means you can A. do facial expressions B. do a variety of poses and use your body as a tool for storytelling C. You have worked with photographers and fine artists D. you can take direction . i do pay if im paid to do a job or the piece sells in a gallery. I'm on here to network and meet great people to work and make some art, not lose money. Plus not a lot of people can do the things I ask so its hard to pay someone that is... not used to what i'm looking for (to put it delicately lol). So if you want to do trade then lets work together 0

What I Expect:
Respect. This is a social network and understandably there will be personalities that don't mesh well. However, I am never rude to anyone and expect the same respect in return. There are some egotistical people on here and people who do not even bother responding to a message. It's one thing if you don't notice the message, its another to completely ignore it and leave that person hanging. Honestly, thats is the rudes thing you can do online in my eyes. So please, even if you are not interested, just reply back saying so. Thank you 0
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aim: mpagdon1848



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2002-2006: Rancocas Valley Regional High School (Art concentration in design/fine arts/illustration)
2002-2005: Animation arts (Traditional 2d animation and some 3d animation)
2006-2009: Burlington County College (Received 2 AAs, one in art and another in graphic design)
2007-2009: Perkins Center of the Arts (Figure drawing and Oil painting techniques)
2009-Present: University of the Arts (Bachelors in Illustration with a minor in video game design)

Shows and Events:
Deborah Heart and Lung Show (2005)
Teen Arts Festival (2006)
BCC Best in Show 2006
BCC Best in show 2007
B12 Cafe Art Show (2008)
Main Street Mount Holly Mural Project (period of 2 months, 2008)
Obscura II (live digital Painting performance, 2009)
Reflections (2010)
99 Shades of Grey show (2011)
Aktion Gallery Presents: Ascendency art show
Aktion Gallery Presents: Ex Post Facto show
BCC Summer Art Show 2011
Aktion Gallery Presents: 7sins

The Art of Rough Sketch Studio

Cred magazine #3 and 4