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My original background was in nature photography where I have been fortunate enough to win several competitions with my work. In the past two years I have switched my focus more into portraiture, fashion and glamour photography and hence my decision to join this site. I find that my time is getting more and more constrained and I have less time for TFP work these days, but I still am especially interested in hearing from new models.

One thing I do not tolerate well is models that do not show up when expected. I understand that emergencies and unforeseen things happen, but you can at least call or email about your situation. If you are not considerate enough to let me know I have no further interest. Cancellations with proper notice can be rescheduled subject to availability.

I offer many different packages of photographs and shoots starting at $225 for a basic package that includes 3 different looks and 6 finished images. Other prints are available at additional costs.

Any trade work I do will supply you with a CD of finished images within two weeks and if prints are desired they are available at an additional cost. Trade work is limited to MM models or select local models primarily in the following categories:

1. New MM models looking for a start
2. Models on my Want to Work With list
3. Models I may solicit for particular projects.
4. Models that have a project in mind that is of interest to me.

Model information sheet

1. Nails: Please no dirty or broken fingernails nor dark nail polish. Whatever you wear make sure it is well manicured.
2. Hair: Clean, freshly washed and dry unless given other instructions.
3. Makeup: appropriate for the shoot, or none if working with a MUA.
4. Bring appropriate jewelry as discussed
5. Make sure all clothing brought to the shoot is free of wrinkles and shoot ready.
6. Bring underwear that matches the outfits you are planning to use.
7. Bring shoes that you want to use that match your wardrobe.
8. Bring any hair accessories that you may need, such as clips, pins, extensions, etc.
9. Bring any props from my list or things we have discussed.
10. DO NOT BE LATE. Plan ahead to make sure you are on time. By this time you will have a contact number to reach me and I expect you to call if you are unavoidably detained.

Tom McIntire

Three books I have participated in featuring 40+ models.






plusModel Felicity (798837)



(Not MM)



MM Models I have worked with and recommend: (* times worked with)

Shannon Leann (MM# 9092) An absolute beauty
**Hillary Marie (MM#56465) Easy to work with and a lovely lady.
Kayti (MM#5525) A tall, lovely blonde.
*****20th Century Fox (MM#372866) A real favorite I have ever worked with.
Samantha Ostrander (MM# 648521) Stunning eyes and a nice young lady.
LauraMay (MM# 555838) A beautiful brunette with a great figure.
JonelleLR (MM# 519350) Beautiful, funny and great to work with.
Ishonte (MM# 603572) New but has a lot of potential.
Bathorydn (MM# 506816) Some wonderful tattoos.
Terra Jeffries (MM# 762745) Great newcomer.
**Shavonne Baynes (MM#876056) A young model just starting.
KristaLea (MM# 883479) A real sweetheart to work with.
**Bella Ayanna (MM# 1000850) A very nice young lady with a great figure.
Lady Jewel (MM# 14591) A jewel in so many ways. You will love her.
Cherise Lamour (MM# 715140) Beautiful face and figure.
-Samantha_ (MM# 886098) A wonderful young lady full of surprises.
Mindy Kelly (MM# 195-168) Take your choice, lovely little girl or elegant lady.
Justin Roehm (362917) If I need a male model this is my first call.
Beesknees (MM# 805297) Beautiful young lady with skills from elegant to yoga.
Sexy Ladi (MM#535298) Her name hardly covers how sexy she is.
**Chinita (MM# 1066165) A true lady that is a joy to work with.
FF Phelps (MM# 1208713) An gorgeous model with a great figure and personality.
(many) plusmodel Felicity (MM# 798837) A very sweet young lady who is a favorite.
***Kristin Wrath (MM# 846048) Lovely young lady just getting started.
Sindel (MM# 365746) Beautiful model that is great to work with and a real trooper.
Mona Black (MM# 1107805) Lovely lady that is fun to work with.
Bella Heather Jean (MM# 1475674) Beautiful young lady just starting
Sauletta (MM# 153773) Wonderful young lady with a beautiful figure.
**Lisa Ann Marie (MM#1078318) One of the nicest and most talented I have worked with.
Erikka Sue (MM#142728) A young lady of a thousand expressions.
Damaris Shaw (MM#1398153) Very lovely young lady that is fun to work with.
Gypsy Lady (MM#677256) Makes a shoot a lot a fun.
C Marie J (MM#1304038) Beautiful little FL miss.
Bartender_ker (MM#1596751) Lovely young lady that is a great one to work with.
Tobie Dear (MM# 1466403) A super young lady to work with. Also a great sense of humor.
RoBer21 (MM# 1470906) All models should be this pretty and sweet.
Donn-Yelle (MM# 1578987) Very sweet young lady just starting out.
Tandra Nicole (MM# 1499068) A lovely young lady with a lot of talent.
Erinn Thorne (MM# 1663141) First shoot was great. Easy to work with and very talented.
Breighaa (MM#1755358) A lovely exotic newcomer with great potential.
Suzanne-Marie (MM# 804195) A beautiful peron as well as model.
Brooke Rush (MM# 1699910) Lovely newcomer that is exceptionally sweet.
**Jasmine Nida (MM# 1484270) A lovely redhead who is great to work with.
PaulinaMarie (MM#1746463) Young lady with beautiful red hair and blue eyes.


14 Feb 12 20:48
Thanks again for the comments...Still love some of your shoot locations!
21 Nov 11 16:16
Thanks for the comments...Awesome Work!...:)
12 Aug 11 13:32
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots^^
31 Jul 11 00:31
Nice Port...Perfect, if U come to jakarta, maybe we can work together...:) you also will see the beauty of my country Indonesia with Bali & Lombok as the most beautiful tourist attractions and other places which could serve as the object of shooting
30 Jun 11 17:20
Thanks so much for the photo comment. So very appreciated! Would love to work with you if the opportunity presents itself.
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