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What is Vande` Studios?

Vande` Studios is the expression of art and creativity in order to capture a decisive moment in time.

Who are the artists?

Vance Elumbaugh and Devin Cooper, the artists behind Vande Studios,have between them over 9 years of visual arts and photography experience. In 2005, Vance attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography where he studied both traditional and digital photography. Devin is self-educated in all facets of digital photography and highly skilled in image production. Devin has worked together with Vance for the past 2 years, together they make a great team by fusing each of their individual perspectives into one expressive synergy.

''In my mind's eye, I visualize how a particular... sight and feeling will appear on a print. If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph. It is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice.'' - Ansel Adams




19 May 10 12:06
Thanks for the friend request. Nice port!
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