About Me

Hey citizens of iStudio, :P Im a photographer, or am I ? I have taken many pictures for Multi-Platinum bands, models, magazine covers and people looking to start new careers and need a new fresh portfolio, so I guess I am. Please, feel free to stop by my website. Leave a comment, or email me, my ego is not nearly big enough so I need all your help. I will try to keep updating my photos for all to see. All kidding aside, I love taking photos whether its rock stars, models, or family portraits I am never happier then when Im behind my camera and thatâs the truth. I will do whatever it takes to exceed the expectations of everyone I shoot (wow look at the big words I used, thank God for spell check). Therefore, whatever your budget may be contact me I will do all I can to help make your dreams and mine come true. I'm based in MA,.

Enough of that lets take sum Funky Ass Kicking pics