About Me

Hi, and thanks for checking out my portfolio!

I shoot people: models and kids, mostly. I'm a fashion and portrait photographer based out of Ventura, California (just outside of Los Angeles). 90% of what I do is "on location", and my studio work usually involves converting an empty space into a working studio. So I guess it's all location work, just some of it is indoors!

I love to shoot, and if I've got down time, I'll shoot on a TF* basis. Feel free to ask! However it has to take a back seat to my paying clients.

I'm also happy to give you references. I'm confident that every model I've ever worked with will give me a positive review.

Due to some recent model flakiness, I ask that you arrange your own MUA/hair if we've never shot together before.

- Matt

P.S. On the subject of 'friends'…

Seriously, how many friends do you have in real life? 5? 20? Certainly not 1457 friends. I'm old-school, and a friend is at least someone I might have a chat with. So if you're a) in the southern California area, and 2) likely to work with me at some point, or iii) message me first to say hi, then I'll probably accept your friend request. Otherwise I'll just look very confused, and eventually delete it. No hard feelings, I just like to know who I'm 'friending' with!


Voted "Best Photographer in Ventura County - First Place" (west county) in the Ventura County Star's Readers Choice Awards.

Voted a "favorite photographer" (east county) in the Ventura County Star's Readers Choice Awards.

Voted "Best Photographer of Ventura County" in the VC Reporter's most recent Readers Poll.

Director - Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association.

***Just got word last week, I've received the "Best Photographer" award for a second straight year in the VC Reporter's readers poll. Thanks to all who voted for me!***