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"Frankie Panky is Vancouver's favorite Slashy!"

I'm a photographer and burlesque performer, which means that I have been found on both sides of the lens... and it shows. With years of experience taking photographs, and good sense of the stage to boot, I have a knack for fabulous live performance shots, yet I'm equally skilled and capable in the studio or on location.

It's all about the people and the passion, for me. If they are expressive and creative, then I find myself doubly inspired. I feel I have a natural sense for burlesque and pinup, and can draw out the glamor and style in a subject. I also have a sensitive eye for the beauty and grace in fine art, nudes, and erotic images... and yet I can reveal a compelling and provocative edge in my images as well. I try to forge strong connection to my subjects, and I feel that helps me to be able to draw out their best.

Regarding working with me... my schedule is usually extremely full, but I'm sure we can arrange something. ;-)

Work for hire is naturally welcome and when I'm heavily booked - preferred... but I'll also consider select TFP or similar arrangements when my time permits and I find the project compelling.

Please contact me directly with details of any project you have in mind, or any idea you'd like to realize... either here on iStudio or at



12 Feb 11 15:04
Great port! I'd love to work with you!
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