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About Me

**UPDATE 7/13/2010**
Just starting to come back on here more,
I been taking photos for fun off and on since 2003.
I enjoy meeting new people and I enjoy taking photos of people.
I will add more later and update my site, but that is all for now

Aloha Everyone,
I am from Honolulu, Hawaii.
My goal is to one day own my own business.

I am on this site because I have always enjoyed Taking Photos and editing them in photoshop.
I am also on here so people can see my work and maybe to meet some new people and get together to take photos.

I am up to take any kind of photos of people, Just to try different things out, only on the Island of Oahu only.

You can E-mail me at jaxxheart@yahoo.com subject: Model Mayhem Site


My Work Entered In Contest

-"Harvest Online - The Student Magazine of Leeward Community College" - "Photo Category: 3rd Place"
http://emedia.leeward.hawaii.edu/harves … lution.jpg “Evolution”


15 Jun 11 01:53
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