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I am deeply rooted in black and white imagery and as such am a purist that prefers to work B/W as film versus a digital conversion. The love of developing and creating something where nothing existed before is a thrill. There's a love for the style, the depth, and richness that pour out of B/W images.

Despite this I've been working digitally and thus in color. While shooting individual and models, I continue to shoot landscapes regularly. It is my goal to build an extensive portfolio on a wide variety of subjects.

I am quite creative and extremely easy going but pay special attention to detail. Open to suggestions and typically will collaborate with models to get the perfect shot for the situation and for the model. As a former graphic designer, hiding flaws or retouching photos are second nature.

Please Take Note:

1. Do not send random friend requests. While I appreciate your interest in my work, leave a comment or a tag, let me know why you want to be friends.

2. Do not send me a message indicating, "let's work together," then follow it with your rates.






It's time to stop talking, stop reading and start shooting. Let's get it STARTED.


Pinay Fierce - MM # 666242
Alice L - MM # 325208
Jaye Lynn - MM # 697867
_Siobhan_ - MM # 891249
The Red Pill - MM # 694072

Flawless Face - MM # 533642


27 May 10 17:35
27 May 10 01:07
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
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