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I have been shooting for about 25+ yrs. Iam not just a weekend hobbyist,I have been working in the photography field with real names like Will Smith, Carmen,Charlie Daniels, and Berry Williams (aka Greg Brady tv show).and have the photos and autograph to show for it. ,I know their is a lot of guys with cameras out their I am not one of them, so lets shoot, Thank you Craig

I respect your time so I ask you respect my time,, if you agree to work with me,,, SHOW UP ,, on time and ready to shoot, I take the time to set up my lighting and a few back grounds and other props,, to be ready for you, I have to move couch and pick it up every time I set up for you,, so please show.

I think out the shots I shoot not just hoping I get something out of shooting lots of photos,( and pray something good turns up), if you wont a well planed shoot, and good concepts and creative ideas,,Then I am the photographer for you..

I don't mind paying good experienced, models and by that I don't mean shooting with only one or two other photographers and not you feel you have it all down,, I work hared for my money and feel the model need to work just as hard, at her craft,, An experienced model needs little coaching, and can work the outfits or themes of the shoot have a good acting skill for the camera. A model need to be able to project a personalty in to the project. of late I have been asked to pay then I have to do all the direction of the model and teach then how to pose and stand,, I have been doing this and getting paid for it for the past 20+ years, and now it seems I am being asked to pay the model and then end up teaching the model,, that has been doing it for a few months to 3 years and have not got a clue as to what to do to sell a look for the camera..


I have the skills and the back ground working with modeling agency and contacts (I have work with no less then 5 northeastern talent agency and their models).worked for two mags, staff photographer for motor city tattoo expos #1 & #2 Detroit. lots of print adds, callanders, and modeling portflio develoment, and shot for an educational book for massage school text book.have work with a few big named people ,as his/her photographer for their scrap book,


26 Jan 14 13:46
Love your port! Best of luck to you :)
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