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Models, look carefully at the work done by the "photographers" here. Some of us have studied actual principles of photography and others just pick up a camera so they can snap pics of chicks. I have heard many stories over the years of photographers not acting professionally... well thats because they aren't professionals. Be smart and careful, a TFCD shoot means you get full rights to the shots, not proofs or carrying their name on it. Value your time and effort, bad advice will not help your career... it will end it. If you are starting out you need direction and the photographer should know how to do this. You are not a mannequin or piece of meat. Always take someone with you to the shoot, these days there are too many creeps out there. I hope you can avoid them. Also, contact the models that have worked with them for references. Good luck and if you like my style, please comment. I shoot to be evocative or suggestive so if you need that in your port, contact me. 0 .
BTW - I completed a four year fulltime Advanced Diploma of Applied Science in Illustrative Photography here in Perth at TAFE.



13 Apr 15 11:10
Lovely port! Keep up the good work!
10 Apr 15 11:14
Nice work!
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