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I am an artist from Luanda (Angola), living in Lisbon (Portugal), at the moment in Sheffield (UK). I have been involved with art since very young, I began writing to the 14 Years old and painting to the 16 (Watercolours and Chinese Ink). In that time, I have published some short stories and poems in several magazines and papers. In the secondary School, I was a Founder and Publisher of the Magazine "The Bantalas" entirely dedicated to the Arts (Art Painting, Photograph, Prose and Poetry) and I have participated in a contest of Art Painting whose objective was the creation of a poster commemorative of the anniversary of the M.P.L.A. obtaining the 1st place.

From 1982 to 1999 I was involved in several musical and theatrical projects as a technician, musician, producer and director, writing several adaptations and two original pieces.

I love experiencing new techniques and ideas, my work is strongly influenced by the African art and by the work of Salvador Dali. I particularly love to work with figurative art, I have used a few models in some of my works. I am looking forward to some exhibitions, and looking for models who can work with me either for nudes or non-nude for posing or for a photo shoot.

Please email me at xesko4ever@gmail.com if interested.


At the present, studying for: MA Contemporary Fine Art, in the Sheffield Institute of Arts (Sheffield Hallam University - UK)

MA Photograph and Graphic Design, from IADE (Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing - Portugal).

Course of “Improvement in Painting Techniques for Oil Portraits”, promoted by the PhD Art Painter Almaia (Portugal).

Course of “Esthetic's and Theories of the Contemporary Art" and "Art Painting and Plastic intervention”, from SNBA (National Society of Fine Arts - Portugal).

Courses of "Scientific Drawing" and "Creative Thought in the Post-Modernism" (Kurgan State University - Ex. Soviet Union).

I have several works displayed in public places and I'm represented in several private and official collections in Portugal, Russia, France, Spain, Brazil and Angola.

Solo Exhibitions:
* 2009 - "Reveries" Galeria Vasco da Gama, (Loures/Portugal).
* 2008 - "E Pluribus Unum" First Gallery, (Lisbon/Portugal).
* 2004 - "7 Shades of Gray" Café da Ponte, Docas de Alcântara (Lisbon/Portugal)
* 1982 - "Butterfly Effect" Humbi-Humbi, Art Gallery (Luanda/Angola)
* 1981 - "Freedom" Scientific Institute of Minsk (Minsk/Bielorussia - Ex. U.S.S.R.)
* 1979 - "The Power of Revolution" – Noble Room from EDIL, (Luanda/Angola).

Collective Exhibitions:
* 2009 - Open Gallery, Museum "Jorge Vieira", (Beja/Portugal).
* 2009 - United in Art Brazil and Portugal II, Galeria Praça do Pelourinho, (Ourem/Portugal).
* 2009 - Visual Poetry in Paris, Galeries Artitude, (Paris/France).
* 2009 - Art Meeting in London III, Gallery 118, (London/UK).
* 2009 - Artexpo NY, (New York/U.S.A).
* 2009 - Puro Arte, (Vigo/Spain).
* 2008 - Xmas 2008, (Lisbon/Portugal).
* 2008 - "Seas, villages and other stories...", (Alcochete/Portugal).
* 2008 - Alcarte, (Alcochete/Portugal).
* 2008 - "The Magnificent 5", (Alcochete/Portugal).
* 2007/2008 - Art Outside the Gallery (Alcochete/Portugal)
* 2007 - CRP 50, (Lisbon/Portugal)
* 2007 - "To live Campolide" (Lisbon/Portugal)
* 2007 - Alcarte (Alcochete/Portugal)
* 2007 - "Remember April, commemorations of the 25 of April and 1º of May" (Alcochete/Portugal)
* 2007 - "1º National Exhibition of Fine Arts" (Lisbon/Portugal)
* 2006 - "Things about Campolide" (Lisbon/Portugal)
* 2005 - Military Hospital of Belém (Lisbon/Portugal)
* 1978 - "A painting for the Revolution" Noble Room of the National Assembly (Luanda/Angola)


22 Jul 10 12:59
Hi there, just hanging around! Nice gallery! :@) Pietro
27 Nov 09 19:25
Thank you for the comment if you'd like to make an arrangement to draw me live feel free to let me know.i would be interested... in working with you.
26 Nov 09 14:52
thanx for the add -iamAngel
24 Nov 09 23:06
I'd really like to see your works in person!
11 Oct 09 11:49
thanks for the fr, fab port x
04 Oct 09 00:24
Thanks for the FR acceptance. Great port & great work. Good job! Wish you joy, fun & bless in life. :) **** Fly To The Rainbow **** ;)
11 Jul 09 14:01
beautiful stuff ... very nice
29 Jun 09 15:48
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