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What makes a photographer isn't just being able to take a picture, (anyone can do that) It's being able to freeze a moment in time. Have a challenging shoot in mind, don't be afraid to ask Me. I love a challenge. Besides, I'm not all business, I'm a photographer because I love photography. Oh, yeah. I DONT DO ADDITUDES OR DIVAS. And if we set something up and you don't show, you will be black listed and deleted from my network (of course there's always an exception) Just had to get that out of the way. Now I can go back to being the fun loving, Highly motivated, and creative guy I am.... PRICEING~ 75.00 for the first hour, which includes 4 Hi-res. touched up files ( 10.00 for every pic. other than the original 4) and 50.00 for every hour after. 4 additional pic's included with each hour, 2 pic's and 25.00 for additional half hour. ----------------------------------------------------------- “I've had the pleasure of working with Mike at a number of challenging shoots and was immediately impressed at the superb quality of his work as well as the intense level of professionalism he conducts himself with. Mike is not only one of the finest photographers I have ever had the honor of working with, but he is also one of the nicest, most generous people I know. Mike has an exquisite eye for detail; his camera work combined with the magic he performs in editing and finishing his prints makes his works stand out from the rest of the crowd. Mike has a very distinctive style which is all his own; I can recognize one of Mike's photos from across the room having never seen it before. His images are beautiful, sensuous, textured, unique, edgy and, well...wonderful. I would highly recommend Mike Este's work to anyone needing a top-notch photographer who never puts less than his heart and soul into his work.”

Teya King

If I contact you for a shoot please have the courtesy of responding. I promise to grant you the same courtesy. "No response" does not mean no or that you are extremely busy. It means you are rude and growing up nobody taught you any better. In addition, TFCD shoots must be confirmed three days before the appointment. TFCD shoots are not free!!! They have a cost payable in time, energy, opportunity and effort. Having me hold an appointment open for an eventual "no show" costs somebody else the opportunity to be photographed and me the time allocated to the appointment as well as the planning time that goes into it. THIS IS A BUSINESS APPOINTMENT, NOT A DATE. Please respect that.


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