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Definition of Exquisite

- of special beauty or charm, or rare and appealing excellence
- of rare excellence of production or execution, as works of art or workmanship
- Marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution


About Me:
I am 25. Engineer by day, super hero photographer by night. (lol) I am a self taught photographer who takes his work very seriously. This is my passion and I plan to continue to grow in this art. My goal is to capture beauty in every single shot.

I express professionalism in all that I do and I expect the same in return. This is modelmayhem not myspace. I do not have a specific type of picture I take. I take pictures of anything beautiful, anything creative. I prefer to work with models who take this seriously also. Best pictures are achieved when all parties bring something to the table. While professional, my photoshoots are always fun. Just ask any of the models I have worked with

Feel free to contact me at:


Please Note (Message to Flakes)
I am not a full time photographer so my time is very important to me. If you schedule a shoot, please try your best to make it. I havent had much of a problem with flaky models, but a couple have flaked and I consider it very unprofessional. Depending on how you cancel, I just might never work with you again.

Feel free to bring an escort
I have no problem with models bringing escorts to the shoot. I actually encourage it. ...However, I prefer models to only bring one escort and the escort should not interfere with the shoot in anyway. If your escort wants to be a photographer, he can buy a camera and you can practice in his/her studio.

From time to time I offer TFCDs for special projects I want to do.
Current project: Colorful/Fierce beauty shots.



Models I have worked with:
MyzTery #1198581
RedRubies #1352900
Angelique #1131241
LaVishOne Madison #1359473
Official Luv #1310234
Krista_Nicole #1406524
Carmen Candy #1216766
Yolanda-Michelle #1299145
Muffin the Model #1252510
KristinaDevine #845998
Miss_De_ Lisa #1373212

and many more...

Stylist I have worked with:
Archetype Style #1223605

Kia The Artist 1424246