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About Me

Most of the images are very low resolution due to pirates pillaging my images so the real high rez images are indeed much more impressive, sorry about that.

Also, rarely is anything touched up or over-processed unless it's initial intention was to do so, as natural poses and a certain dynamic opens up when you let things go after the the plan is uncanned.

My background is fashion and dancers/athletes, so recently I've been trying to get away from the perfect skin and over posed looks and more interested in the genuine and raw if possible.

going for the extremes: from experimental work and the collaborative process of the unknown to bdsm/shibari/cosplay to yes, fashion-- wanna continue mixing it up!

Come here feeling like you can explore what's inside your head or beyond the latest fashion magazine and we have succeeded. I've developed several top fashion models and beginners' portfolios while discovering quite a few gentle gems-- both alt and commercial.

What do I like to shoot?
It's all about the polarities of inspiration: whether Erotica or Horror/gore, unconventional or seriously fashionable, so why not explore and play with the variety of ideas? I don't like to be tied down to chiseled concepts, most of my best work is not here (its on film, un scanned and in galleries and archives waiting to be excavated, ugggh the work to be done).

I'm ready to be surprised, so bring you on...don't leave that unexplored side at home in the closet: I see the beauty and unique in you whether the agencies or poseurs do or not.


Have been fortunate in that models don't flake on me, so thanks to y'all (bella baby, kc, melissa, the trio, mai,others among the tribe) who have been to shoots with me here, Hawaii, and Europe.
I'm not shooting many free tests though I'm fine with a good creative exchange, so if there is a special project that you have that I can't wait to shoot, then contact me--you never know when a unique book/show/content may surface unexpectedly.

I've been blessed with a super manager who found my work in a European magazine years ago and has helped my work find various niches in mags and places I've never heard of nor do i speak their languages, but the language of the image is universal and this world of images and stories are the carnival with many rides we should take. I've shot for mens mags like PB as well as fashion assignments, mostly abroad. I also have another site with more classic fashion/body work here: mm#2551337

Thanks to all the models I've worked with I haven't mentioned, you've been my agents provocateurs, vous sont toutes belles!