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Styles of shoots I want to do:
High Fashion, Editorial, and Sexy. I am always open to new ideas and try anything so let me know if there is something you want to try and let's experiment. BTW don't forget to do your nails before we shoot.

I really don't mind escorts as long as it's not a jealous BF or GF in addition mothers or mother-n-laws. Let's leave the drama at home. Remember that the location is not a place where you can just hang out with your friends and drink while we do the shoot. I will allow no more then one person as long as they do not interfere with the shoot or cause any attention to other person/s on or around the location. Do note that your escort may be asked to assist with equiptment at times. I also need to know in advance if your bringing an escort as I don't like surprises. If we are shooting multiple models on or around the same time, I will ask the escorts to wait outside of the studio to give each model their privacy. No photographer escorts allowed. I can't believe how many photographers act as if they are the models managers or agents. Models, if you plan on using a third person to contact me, especially a photog. Forget about shooting. That is so unprofessional.

First and formost, I do not pay models. I am not a GWC. My rates are negotiable and will consider Trades with selected models only. Please don't contact me thinking I will pay you as I am a professional and would like that respect.

I'm going to use the famous line all these models are using, I'll travel only if expenses are paid. lol.

Ok fellow readers, I had to move my experience with flakes onto my website as it was getting a bit long. I recommend you read the most recent stories as they are extremely amazing. http://www.giovanniphotos.com/excuses/excuses.htm


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