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WELCOME TO MY iSTUDIO PAGE. I am an energetic, easy to work with 26 year old photographer. I have always had "the eye" as well as a passion for photography. I KIND OF WROTE A LONG BIO ABOUT MYSELF AND MY OCCUPATION. I KNOW ITS TOO MUCH BUT I HOPE YOU ENJOY READING THIS MORE THEN ME.

my name is John Ontiveros. I was born in a little town in Germany called Kaiserslautern in December 19 1982. i grew up from my dads side
in germany and he is full blooded in german and my mom is HISPANIC American but sounds from alabama. I came to the states when i was 10 and didnt know what to expect here. but then again, my life started. people call me a wild child cuz im very energetic,humorous,fun. i ignore drama as much as possible cuz we live in a small world, and their is no time for that. Well lets continue.I was with my mom and from a distance, i saw a person holding a black object in their hands and im telling myself. what is that, then at the age of 13, i got a hold of my first disposable camera. I just took random shots of random things and when developed, they just looked colorful but i didnt know what i was doing. I was just having fun shooting pictures of different things. so then i get older and wiser. i really got more into photography. i started taking pics of animals,buildings,cars but then it came a habit and im telling myself, should this be my career because down that road, i started to improve my skills by listening to other experienced photographers and taking courses at school so that i can really improve. At the age of 16, i shot my first model and its funny cuz my first shoot was a nude shoot and i was only 16 and she was 26 but i was with my friend of mine that was also a photographer and i think now he's 54. I just loved to listen to other peoples ideas and tips cause its good advise no matter what occupation your interested in. Im looking through these magazines such as Maxim,GQ,playboy and others and im looking at these beautiful women and im telling my self. wow. how they do that and i was 17 at the time. and i was like mmm i want to photoshoot beautiful women. well i didnt grow up being shy as a guy so i went behind a photoshoot at 18 and watched this guy with his nice camera and looking at him and the beautiful female model and im like, damm i want to take pictures like that and i remember going up to the guy and asking him. hey dude, is it cool if i can take a picture, and he was like sure, so im out their with my disposable camera taking these angle shots and the photographer is looking at me and im like all over the place getting these cool weard shots of his model. I remember him telling me in his own words and this guy was like 50 years old or more but he tells me, i see that your an outgoing kid, he tells me what i want to be in the future and i tell him. i want to be a photographer too, and he says. Thats good cause you have the ability to be a succesful photographer one day, just go to school and listen to people and it will lead you somewhere in life. Whata story but its all true. I wonder what happend to that dude. he was such awsome photographer and i wish i can meet him again. its been a long time now. Photography is like my passion. i just got more interested in shooting all different types of models. i think its a beautiful thing when it comes to models but at the same time a business and hobby. i enjoy photography more then i think of it as a business cuz its my fun and the people who i work with as well. Im down to do anything and everything. I will do anything, even controversial work as long as it is generally tasteful and does not affiliate with pornography. No exceptions. I don't like to set prices since every job, need, and individual is different. I will work around your budget assuming that it's realistic. I won't work for free but I will on occasion accept something in trade if you happen to have something to offer that interests me but overall, i hope you enjoy my pictures more then me and please leave your comments or messages. If you would like to get to know me on a personal level to be friends, I suggest contacting me through my MySpace account at myspace.com/bettiehouse. Just don't spam me or pretend to be a friend. Thanks so much and i hope to here from you.

-John O



I do work around the LA County,Orange County,San Barnardino areas

-Suggestive/Semi/Artistic implied nude/nude
-Events: Parties, Openings, Weddings...




Club Rock It, Blackcat entertainment,Vertigos,D-club,Hot Import Nights,The Rumble bar.Crashmansion,Safari sams,red Room,Chronic Cantina,


27 Aug 10 17:52
Love your port, check us out! Seems we live close
17 May 10 07:11
Just stopping by your page to say hi! You have a lovely portfolio. Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos :)
17 Oct 09 03:47
Welcome to iStudio John...your work is amazing!!!
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