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About Me

PLEASE READ my profile and PLEASE LOOK at my style of imagery before contacting me!!!!!!!!!
And - Do NOT - I REPEAT NOT!!!!!!!! Contact me with compliments and saying you would LOVE to work with me and then turn around and try to quote rates and put on a sales pitch - this is a BIG waste of time! I work TFCD with models. YES! We all need money but my time as a photographer is just as valuable as a models time! A model can not get images without a photographer and a photographer can not create images without a model!
I am mainly interested in TFCD with models and do not pay models to shoot.
!!!!!!!! TFCD = Time for CD of images !!!!!!!!!!

REFERENCES & FRIENDS REQUEST - I do not just add friends to add friends!!!!! PLEASE do not bother me with a friends request unless you ask first. I use my friends list as a reference list. I only add models that work with me!!!!!!

I am also mainly an artistic NUDE photographer but seek the creative and artistic beauty of the female form in my work - not just the same ole-same ole naked woman standing in a field type work but a more creative and expressive use for form and figure and nature blended with light and location.
Models who work with me on tfp/cd projects and other commissioned work ALWAYS receive the following:
*A free and complete set of raw images taken that day on cd for their use as they see fit;
*A second cd with all of the converted images I have created from the shoot;
*A signed release giving model image use, plus 50-50 split on any future sales;
*Opportunity to shoot ideas and image needs suggested by model;
*If traveling: help with lodging and meals (usually a split of these expenses) - basically I provide hotel, you have to get to me;
*The model can bring anyone she wishes to a shoot (NO MANAGERS!). I welcome an extra person at the shoot (at model's expense).


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December 20, 2009 January 26, 2010 March 27, 2010
Published photograher:
3 photo books (with 4 more coming out soon);
Magazine Features for Cupido Magazine in Norway
Grapevine - Playboy
Several internet websites


23 Mar 17 09:16
Magnificient work
04 Sep 11 01:28
Nice work. Just stopping by your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of any photo retouching assistance.
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