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About Me

Contact me if you would like a TFCD shoot done. My next scheduled shoot will be in either Auburn or Alex City on Nov. 7th. The location depends on where the bulk of the models will be driving from. More Auburn models means an Auburn shoot, etc. so get in your request soon so I can nail down a location. All models attending will receive a CD with all the pictures taken that they appear in as well as 3 to 5 emailed to them after I've edited them. All models will do a group shot that I am planning plus individual shots until time runs out. This will not be a nude shoot and models are asked to bring along several outfits to change into. Once I settle down on the location I will post more info but feel free to contact me for more information as well. Your escorts are welcome (one per model) as always.

******** Please Read Before You Contact Me *******

I am not interested in collecting thousands of friends on here. I only approve friend requests for local models, MUA's, Photogs, and the like. If you live in Utah please don't ask to be my friend unless you are planning a trip here. I use Facebook to hang with friends and chat with folks, this site is just for possible future work. Thanks.


Rant #1: If you're trying to be cute by making your age anything over 99 years old you must know the reason no one is coming to your profile is because you can not be searched. But to be honest, if you're that immature that you think it's "cute" to claim to be 2009 years old then most of us don't want to work with you anyway. Please stick to MySpace. Most of us try to take this very serious and don't have time to waste on "cute".

Rant #2: If you have never modeled before and your photos were all taken by you holding out the camera in your bathroom that's fine, we all have to start somewhere, but since you're obviously just starting out do not put on your profile that you will only accept paying jobs. Regardless of how you look we all have to start out at the bottom.

Rant #3: If you have scheduled to do a shoot with me or anyone else and then bail out without an e-mail or phone call your name will get around and you will find it impossible to find someone to work with you. It's only polite.

Rant #4: I believe in age appropriate images. If you are 16 I will not take your pictures if you're looking for sexy half clothed shots. I require a parent on set if you are under 18 so keep in mind your mom or dad will be watching.

OK, enough of my rants, on to the good stuff. Sorry about that but I felt it had to be said.

If you are local (within 25 miles) by all means give me a shout. I am ready and willing to break out the camera and grab some shots. Even if it's just a small shoot of only 30 minutes. Lets make some magic.

I've been working in photography doing still life and other non-breathing items but I am venturing into doing glamor, fashion, and themed photography. I also worked as a photographer in the adult industry for various models and their sites.

Most of my shoots are done on location so I don't have to set up a ton of lighting equipment. But if you are looking for an indoor shoot and have a large enough location for all the lights I'll pack them up but I'm working without a studio so I prefer the outdoor locations. Less work and I'm basically a lazy guy.

Please feel free to bring someone with you to our shoots for your own peace of mind provided they remain outside of the view of the lens. Who knows, I may put them to work holding a reflector. If you are under 18 I require a parent to attend with you as well. Its just for everyone's safety.

Here's my theory on photo shoots. Please read this section I beg of you so there's no misunderstandings.

* For TF shoots
When I shoot TF shoots (Trade For CD etc) I treat the shoot like a partnership. I am not the boss on the set nor is the model (or her escort). It is a partnership. We are both going to get some great images to use on our ports to show our talents therefore we both have an equal say in what shots are taken, poses used, etc. We both will get all images taken during the shoot (please do not bring your own camera) and it should be a fun time for everyone. I try to keep a relaxed set and I tend to work a little slower than I do with a paid shoot. Feel free to bring music and if you have a laptop I can download all images before you leave. I will later email you up to 5 images after I've edited them as well.

* For Paid Shoots.
When I'm being paid to provide images to a client you will be paid for your time and talent. You WILL NOT get any of the images for your port unless the client I'm working for says it's OK and they usually don't. I work fast and have all the help lined up. You are welcome to bring along an escort (just 1) but if your escort becomes a problem both of you will be asked to leave and you will forfeit your pay so pick your escort wisely. You will be paid once the shoot is complete but if you're traveling I may be able to get your expenses paid beforehand. Sorry but that is how it has to be unless I go through an agency to find you because you would be surprised how many models get paid prior and then fail to show or return the funds.

I like to work with themes in mind rather than just shooting random pictures. If you have a theme in mind that you have always wanted to do let me know and we'll see if we can make it happen. I am pretty open to suggestions and believe that this should be a partnership.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting you in front of my cameras.

I'm interested in shooting:
Head Shots that feature great eyes
Themed Shoots that tell a story
Black & White
Gore if it has not been overdone (but most of it has)
Glamor shots
Outdoor (nature) shoots
Multiple Exposure shots (look at my hide and seek shot to get the idea)
Shots that resemble old movie posters
Shots that resemble movie stills.
I do shoot nudes (if everyone is comfortable) but it is not a requirement or a request. That is left up to the model to bring up unless it is for a themed shoot that calls for it in which case everyone will know about it before hand. I won't spring it on you at the last minute and if I don't mention it in my emails rest assured I wont ask you to disrobe on the set.

If we are shooting a themed shoot I will try to have everything lined up (costumes, hair, make-up, props, etc) but there are times when I can not locate a specific item and encourage you to bring anything you think may help. For normal shoots you will be asked to do your own hair and make-up. Please show up ready to go to save time.

If you are under the age of 18 I require you to bring a parent (your boyfriend wont do) with you to the set. No exceptions. Like I stated before this is for everyone's safety and comfort.

Unless I request a certain outfit (I rarely do that for normal shoots) please bring several to change into. My only request about clothing is that it not have a busy type pattern that will detract from you. Solid color clothing works best and in fact a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt is fine.